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Jan 30, 2001 06:23 PM

Induction cooktops? Pro's-Con's

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Hey Chowhounds,
I'm hopeing someone out there has experience cooking on one of these new cooktops, what are the pros and cons? How would you compare it with cooking on a gastop?
This is my first post, sure glad I stumbled on this site! Thanks. Joann C.

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  1. I use induction cooktops at work and generally like them -the heat is consistent,and they are safe.The minus side is that they don't get Really hot enough for high intensity cooking,and sometimes shut down if you run them on high for over 45 minutes.If you need to boil a lot of water,good luck....but they're ok for smaller quantities,and once you get used to them,serve a lot of purposes.There are probably more powerful machines on the market than the ones that I use,so check em out!

    1. I've worked on a commercial unit many years ago in London - they've been around in Europe for many years.
      I was terribly impressed .... very little heat other than what went into the cooking - you could stick your hand on the surface almost right next to the "burner" and not be harmed. No slaving over a hot stove! The response time was impressive. This cook top had a digital interface - you punched in whatever temperature you wish and the burner responded instantly. You could watch water bubble to a boil right in front of your eyes....and come down almost as fast. This was in a hotel and got used pretty heavily.
      A couple of years ago I used a smaller home portable unit that was being advertised in several cooking magazines ( can't remember the name ). It was cool operating and consistent in its output but the total heat was disappointing. I think the price was up there, also.