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Jan 22, 2001 11:56 AM

Eric Schlosser ("Fast Food Nation") on NPR's Fresh Air

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It's on today, and i'm guessing will be archived at link below by tomorrow. If you're in the SF, CA area, KQED at 88.5 plays Fresh Air at 1 and 7 pm. (WARNING! It's pledge drive time, so I don't know what they'll be editing out ... might want to check out the Real Audio version, as the 9 am broadcast at 91.5 FM is winding up just now)

Lots of discussion around his general topic, so figured folks would be interested...



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  1. His new book was reviewed in yesterday's Times book review, and I recently saw him being interviewed on one of the morning news shows about his book. There was also an excerpt printed in a recent Atlantic Monthly issue (January's, I think).

    It's catching a lot of attention.

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