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Jan 21, 2001 01:22 PM

Storing Olives

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Olives of all sorts are among my favorite snacks. I've always kept them in the fridge, but they taste much better at room temperature. And olives in oil with seasonings end up congealing in the refrigerator, so they have to sit out for some time before I can serve them. Which makes me wonder -- what's the best way to keep olives for any length of time? And in what sort of vessel? Is it different for olives in brine vs. those in oil? If they can be kept in some sort of crock at room temp, then for how long?

Any answers/advice would be much appreciated.

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    Michael Messier

    I would think you could keep olives at room temp for at least 3 weeks before there would be any chance of the oil in them becoming rancid. I would keep them covered, and I would use a glass or ceramic container.