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Jan 4, 2001 01:58 PM

Poetic braindeath: Absinthe.

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Sorry if this topic has already been dealt with - I couldn't find it mentioned below, but I have limited patience for slow scrolling.

Does this infamous concoction genuinely have any hallucinogenic qualities, or are its effects psychosomatic and caused by its fearsome reputation? Does it make you insane, blind, or both? There are now various brands doing the rounds in the UK, mostly originating in Czech Republic... are any of these particularly recommended? Is there a reliable pool of information on the web?

All information gladly received as I am shortly to enter some shady form of decadant poetry / absinthe-consumption death-match.

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  1. Maxim magazine did an article on absinthe and its effects about two years ago - I don't remember precisely, but it was probably sometime around September or October of 1999.

    1. Absinthe was really popular when I was living in Prague, although after one go-round for the sake of experience I strenuously avoided it. As far as I know, it is no longer hallucinogenic - wormwood was the ingredient responsible for visions/brain rot, and it's not in commercially available brews. What you get is an evil-looking, smelling, and tasting liquer with an extremely high alcohol content. So you do get out-of-your head blotto from it rather more quickly than normal, but the same effect results from drinking 151. However, absinthe has an air of doomed romanticism and historical allure that the former lacks completely, plus it's kind of fun (in a bar trick way) to do the spoon/sugar/fire ritual. Now, Mr.Muggs, some words of caution before you enter the death-match. Overindulgence brought on by foolish bravado on my friend's and my part (Hey! We've outdrunk men before! We can do it again!) resulted in my friend waking up in the courtyard of a suburban housing project with absolutely no idea how she got there and a hangover for me of such severity that I wished for death - and really and truly meant it. So good luck...but take care.

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        Thanks for the tip - that's a bit annoying, as generally ethanol doesn't agree with my creative faculties, so any poetry I come up with will probably be along the lines of "dugglefuffle hatchoo murgle ARSE!". Maybe I'll skip this one then. Although maybe I could pass it off as Dada...

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        mr. skullhead

        See the link below. I couldn't tell you if any of it is true having never tried the stuff myself.