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Dec 23, 2000 07:10 PM

Any Truth to the Adage About (Chinese) Restaurants and Mondays?

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It's long been common "wisdom" that one shouldn't eat out on Mondays, particularly in Chinese restaurants, because this is the traditional "chef's night off," and/or because produce isn't as fresh on Mondays. Is there any truth to this? I'm inclined to celebrate the traditional "Jewish Christmas" this Monday at a Chinese resturant in the D.C. area. Bad idea? Is it possible Mondays are less reliable in certain cities than in others, and, if so, does anyone know anything about D.C.?


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  1. How would anyone get a food delivery on Sunday? So, the food cooked on Monday - if not sourced that day, is all left over from Friday, or Saturday at best. Just consider the logistics....

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      Wow, 14 years, 7 months and 8 days from OP to first comment. This has got to be some sort of Chowhound record.

      Now I found myself wondering if Marty L did indeed have "Jewish Christmas" that Monday.

      (cproteus, welcome to Chowhound and no offense intended. Just some Friday, close to quitting time goofiness.)