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Dec 21, 2000 01:35 PM


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Ok ... everybody has family recipes and techniques for making these.

The ratio of potato to onion to flour... shmaltz or vegetable oil ... matzo meal or no matzo meal.... the combinations are endless....

Lets hear em!

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  1. Helen got a jump start on the latke question a couple of weeks ago on this board -- see link below. The article that was linked in one of the posts was very comprehensive.

    Thanks for the suggestion (as well as AC!)


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    1. re: Lisa Z

      Have you ever tried duck fat for latkes? Nummy.

    2. Complete ingredients, to be extended proportionally by number of servings desired:

      Two medium potatoes, one onion, salt and pepper, 1 egg, 1 tbsp flour/matzoh meal (more or less). For me, schmaltz would be an abomination and would preclude the use of sour cream, and I don't even keep kosher.

      Either food processor or hand grating is okay with me (I often hand-grate because I hate cleaning the food processor); peanut oil works best, but regular cooking oil is acceptable. Latkes should be deep fried. Use enough oil -- soggy, "low fat" latkes are anathema, and not worth any calories you might save yourself. Drop by smallish tablespoonsful. Keep them warm in the oven on a cookie sheet lined with papertowels until they're all done.

      You won't run out of sour cream, but be sure to supply enough applesauce.

      Serves 2-3.

      1. Last night my wife and I made a stunning and seemingly obvious discovery: we simply substituted carrots for potatoes in our Latke recipe, and made Carrot Latkes along with the traditional kind.

        It was fabulous. The frying brings out a meaty quality in the carrots. In fact, the taste reminded us a bit of corned beef hash.

        We definitely recommend trying this with your next batch.

        (As far as other latke techniques are concerned, we vote for: fry, don't deep fry; hand shred over blender because the consistency difference is remarkable; canola oil instead of olive or peanut oil because we like to minimize the oily taste on the latkes.)