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Dec 21, 2000 12:29 PM

Cocktail cherries

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A local (San Francisco East Bay area) bistro we frequent uses these fantastic Italian cocktail cherries in its drinks -- the brand name is Amarena Fabbri and the bar gets them in large cans with a black and white label. Although I'm not ordinarily a fan of cocktail cherries, these are wonderful, and I'm dying to try them in a cookie recipe. Problem is, I can't find them at any of the Italian specialty food stores I've tried.

Before I resort to bribing the bistro owner to part with some of her stock, has anyone seen these anywhere? SF Bay Area would be ideal, but mail order would bee fine too.

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  1. Calling these cocktail cherries is an insult. These are preserved wild Italian cherries and a real delicacy. Here in the Northeast you can find the Fabbri cherries in Italian grocery stores where they come in ceramic blue and white jars and are quite expensive ($15-20 per jar). An on line source I found is in Hollister, CA-not sure if that's near SF.

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      Thanks. Meant no disrespect calling them cocktail cherries, as I happen to believe that a well constructed cocktail is one of life's true pleasures, a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

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        No offence taken, my tongue was firmly in cheek.

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      Alexandra Eisler

      Nizza la Bella on San Pablo?

      I'm sure Tim, The World's Greatest Bartender, would share his source, if not his stash, of these lovelies...

      And if I've guessed the wrong restaurant, they might be worth a call for their source.

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        You've guessed correctly -- I was talking about Nizza La Bella, and it was from Tim that I found out the name. Since restaurant suppliers don't generally sell to individuals, I didn't even ask the name of their supplier. I will if it's necessary, but now, with a couple of leads, it doesn't look like it will be.

      2. Zingerman's has them! Wild Italian Fabbri Cherries. 14oz jar for $20.

        They sound amazing.


        1. Janet, I've bought Amarena Fabbri cherries at Market Hall in Oakland. They're usually packaged not in a can, but in a blue and white ceramic container. Very cute, but it drives the price pretty high.

          You might also be able to find them at a high-end grocery store (i.e. Andronico's, Piedmont Grocery).