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Dec 20, 2000 10:34 PM

The strangest ingredient list I've seen in a while...

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Found the URL below cruising for ideas on how to use the 2 foie gras I had shipped to the in-laws...

Can anyone tell me where to find a "bottle of crystallized duck gizzards"? Or what a "brig sheet" is? I shall have to remember their commanding verbs, and use them in the future - "Pose the escalpoes! Install the steaklets!"

These people have strange powers; their farmbread seems to be in a trance. ...

Oh, those french cooks



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  1. Great stuff; thanks for the link. Ah, the wonders of computer translation.

    My favorite line, actually, is in the smoked salmon section:

    "Its cut in chop restore to the Salmon, which is never frozen, all flux and the subtlety of the perfumes given by a light manuring."

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    1. re: Steven Stern

      Ahhh, just when I thought the world was getting too small and all of our cultures homogenized!

    2. Brig sheet is called in this country Feuille de Brick. It is a thin, crisp, round pastry sheet similiar in appearance to a dried crepe, made malleable by brushing with butter. People use it for making beggar's purses and pastry "cigarettes." I have never seen these available retail, only in large bundles wholesale to restaurants. As a substitute, you could use a few layers of filo dough or make your own crepes.

      I strongly suspect that "crystallized duck gizzards" are confit of duck gizzards, in other words, preserved by long cooking in duck fat. These are available through D'Artagnan. I've seen some real howlers when the French translate these things into English.

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      2. Well, any recipe that allots 600 grams of foie gras for three is okay with me. I can't wait to tell my wife about manuring! Good stuff.