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Dec 19, 2000 05:35 PM


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Looking all over Manhattan for the old-fashioned metal lunchboxes that have room in the top for an adult-sized thermos (can't even remember what they're called, but they're domed at the top). Does someone still make these?

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    yvonne johnson

    the thermos I know as a "flask". Em...where to get the lunch box? Have you tried old army and navy stores, the ones selling old uniforms? Maybe they sell (old!) lunch bags/boxes.

    Outdoor/camping stores? I'd recommend Millets in UK, but that's a bit far away. They are not on web yet.

    There's a store on greenwich ave in NYC that sells quirky bags and containers, "Pan-Am shop" or something. I'd not bet on it tho'.

    1. Try Alphabets on Broadway (not sure of address) or e-toys...

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      1. re: magnolia

        Thank you both for the suggestions. I had tried e-toys which annoyingly calls kids' metal lunchboxes "keepsake boxes"--guess that makes them more valuable to adult collectors! Will try all other venues you mentioned and will post any success. Happy Hanukah and Xmas and Kwaanza (sp?) everybody.

        1. re: Alison

          OK, this just in (and then I might have to actually -do- something today).

          They might call them "keepsake boxes" now because in the 1970's a group of concerned mothers in FL pushed through a ban on metal lunchboxes. Evidently their kids were using them as weapons in the lunchroom. Must've missed that part of my childhood somehow.

          Thermos and other co's are coming back with the things, but they're either in chintzy tin or they're embossed with an eye toward collectors (there's a Beatles series for $200+ if anyone's interested...).

          The "industrial" domed lunchbox now comes in durable plastic. Guess you can't trust adults in the workplace either.

          More info,

          1. re: Alison

            I can confirm that metal lunchboxes - particularly Snoopy (shaped like a doghouse with the roof as the top part that houses the Thermos), Peter Pan, Brady Bunch and Bedknobs and Broomsticks (square, with rounded corners - darn) made excellent weapons. Especially if they had a sharp metal lock.

            If anyone remembers a bunch of kids having fights in front of Sherry Lehman, that was me & my friends. And it was the kids with paper bag lunches who got hurt, so I can't understand why lunchboxes have been banned :-).

            PS I can only hope that Thermos technology has evolved since them - the ones that came with these lunchboxes shattered after one use.

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              Hello, Magnolia

              Yes, this indeed belongs on our Not About Food board.

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                Yes indeed has Thermos tech advanced somewhat, but I have always been partial to Thermos's classic stainless steel canisters, not the plastic ones that come in lunchboxes. I still have one from the late 70's which, although missing its plastic cup top, is still one hell of a good vacuum bottle.

                Check out . They have some really cool ones there, in particular I am really partial to the 1.1 quart stainless steel unit that looks like an anti-tank shell or a plutonium transport container -- I am tempted to get it. They also sell Thermos stuff that is co-branded with Nissin but I prefer the regular Thermos brand.

                Theres another cool company called alfi in Germany which makes all kinds of cool vaccuum bottle stuff. I havent been able to find a company that distributes them here but it looks to be the Mercedes Benz of vacuum containers.

                1. re: Jason Perlow

                  see 'thermos technolody' on NAF board

              2. re: Alison

                my "sources" tell me that Bombalulu's in the Village have Curious George and Madeline lunchboxes. No fair!

                1. re: magnolia

                  I would kill for an original Star Trek or Scooby Doo lunchbox.

          2. Alison

            This topic should have been discussed on our "Not About Food" board.


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              Hi, Harrison! I would have put the question there, but then Jim's note on the NAP board requested not to use the board except for a continued conversation, which seems to be happening...

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                I didn't to impose a blanket ban on ALL new postings to Not Food...and, in any case, stuff that's kinda sorta somewhat associated with food (like lunch boxes) is always welcome there. The central mission of that board is to collect issues that don't QUITE fit in on the other boards (again, like lunch boxes).

                I'm just hoping the Not About Food board won't turn into a frenzied free-for-all with copious discussion of cars, politics, health, love, etc. One board can't handle the load, we've got a real large community at this point.


            2. see "lunchbox" posting on NAF board