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Dec 14, 2000 03:39 PM

royal icing cookies in the shapes of supreme court justices

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As my election eve potluck was without climax, I thought a Xmas party might provide culinary closure for my November gathering. How sad am I to find that not one of NYC's respectable bakeries is up to the job of designing and baking a few dozen Scalias, Ruth B.G's, and the rest of them, grouped in boxes depending on how they voted. As I have no talent with the pastry bag, my question is, what now? What Xmas dessert best embodies bitter political wrangling?

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    1. whatever happened to "peace on earth,good will to men?"

      1. Hows about a whine tasting?

        1. What dessert best embodies political wrangling???

          --Nice sour lemon tarts for everyone, please. No matter who we voted for--or who our favorite "Supremes" are!

          1. Hey Kathryn!

            Maybe you don't need to have any eptitude with a pastry bag to pull this off...

            1. Surely one of your recent U.S. magazines has a picture of the Justices; take the picture, go to your local copy place, and get a bunch of copies made.

            2. Make/buy a bunch of gingerbread men/women.

            3. Buy a bottle of sake.

            4. Make/buy a bit of frosting.

            5. Invite Donna over.

            6. Open/drink sake.

            7. The two of you cut Justice's heads off of the pictures, afix over the faces of the gingerbread people using a dollop of frosting as an adherant.

            8. Laugh out loud at how silly gingerbread Justices look.

            Have a very Merry Christmas!

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            1. re: Andy P.

              You can always be counted on for the most genius ideas! While Kinko's started running off the laser copies, Donna and I began taste testing the sakes, and soon we'd forgotten all about your former country's presidential election. BTW, our favorite Hirushika wins out again, but perhaps you have some suggestions... Are you having a Tokyo Xmas, or will you be passing through NYC on your way west? Please notify! Happy holidays and all the best to you.