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Dec 13, 2000 01:42 PM

N.C. barbeque sauce

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On a recent trip to North Carolina I fell madly in love with their particular style of, very vinegary, usually on 'pulled' style pork. Does anyone know of a good commercial N.C. style barbecue sauce?I'm asking this per general topics, because I need to know about something I could buy here in the Midwest, not just a locally-available product. The grocery store has a dizzying array of sauces, but nothing that seems to fit the bill. Failing that, how about a recipe?

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  1. I, too, like the tart, vinegary barbecue sauces (without all the sugar). One brand that I enjoy is Gate's from Kansas City. Alas, it is no longer sold at Zabar's -- where I was first introduced to the brand. Wonder if anyone else has tried this brand -- or where it might be sold in NYC.

    1. I've had pleanty of NC Bar-B-Q at John Moore's in New Bern and Parkers(?)in Rocky Mt. With Brunswick Stew, Hush Puppies, Cole Slaw, Ice Tea and a side of Fried Chicken Livers. And a nap !! It's been better than 25 yrs. but I can still taste it !!

      A couple of years ago Gourmet printed a recipe for "Eastern NC Bar-B-Q" sauce (sauce?) It was excellent. Try and find it. I'm going to look for it but don't hold your breath. db

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        yvonne johnson

        "sticky fingers" ships barbecue sauces of various kinds. The restaurant is in Charleston, SC. I'm no expert in realm of barbecue sauces but maybe NC and SC sauces are similar.

        web site is

        This is second mention I've made of this company in recent days, but I'm not affiliated with it in any way! Just happened to have used it.

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          NC has two prevalent styles of barbecue sauce. SC is more complicated, with at least three distinct styles. The most unique is mustard-based. Other types include a catsup-based and vinegar-based along with various combinations of the all three.


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            Checked out the BBQ website for sticky fingers..inadvertently typed .com (by habit) in the address not (important difference here!) . net. One's BBQ, other's a porn site. oops! Type carefully....

          2. before you send out for some, try making your own BBQ sauce. I always make the NC-style stuff. It is really easy--- most of them have 3 or 4 ingredients. (vinegar, ketchup, cayenne, etc) Minimal nuance or cooking is necessary, as sauces go.

            1. There are two distinct styles of finishing sauce found in NC : Eastern and Lexington. See Dave Lineback's Site. This is the definitive word on NC barbecue (the prevalent spelling here).