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Dec 11, 2000 07:12 PM

Sizzling Rice Soup: How to Do The Rice?

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The broth is no problem, but I just can't do the rice part correctly. I have checked several other web sites, but nothing comes up---they say that I didn't spell "sizzling rice" correctly and nothing comes up!! Anyway, help!! I could eat sizzling rice soup seven days a week!! LV

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  1. My late uncle claims to have invented this dish. The original version was a way to use leftover rice from dinner. In the days before rice cookers, the rice would stick to the bottom of the pot and brown a bit. This is called "fan jiu". It would sit overnight, then be scraped off the next day, and deep-fried in peanut oil. The fried rice cakes would be sprinkled with salt for snacks eaten out of hand, or tossed in a bowl of clear soup with some seafood.

    To emulate this, you can make rice in a large skillet to maximize the surface area. You want to make a cake of cooked rice about 1" thick. Plan ahead, you'll need to make the rice a day in advance as it needs to air-dry. Then break or cut the skillet-sized cake into smaller pieces, deep-fry in peanut oil, and drain until ready to use.