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Dec 7, 2000 10:23 PM


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Yo, friends, still hoping someone knows of a place that can and will air-express fabulous ribs. Anyone?

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  1. Sure - I've ordered BBQ from Dreamland, and from Corky's. In fact, I called Dreamland around 3PM December 30th of last year, and they promised to get my barbecue to me in time for New Year's Eve. The FedEx guy woke me the next morning with my delivery! I don't know how they did it. (Dreamland, in Alabama
    ) (Corky's, in Memphis
    Also, though I've not tried them yet: (Carson's, in Chicago
    ) (Maurice's, in South Carolina
    ) (Moonlite, in Owensboro
    ) (County Line, in Colorado)

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      King's in Kinston NC, ships its Eastern NC cue.

      I'm pretty sure McClard's ships its Arkansas cue as well.

      1. re: Bob W.
        yvonne johnson

        sticky fingers
        Based in Charleston. They have a web site and ship by mail. Tried their ribs at the restaurant and once by mail. I prefer going out to eat ribs or to have home cooked ones, but sticky fingers'ribs are really good. The Texas dry kind are different. They send tons of bottled sauces with the shipment.(And nearly forgot--they make a keen pulled pork.)

      2. re: Bilmo

        Oh, boy, oh, boy. Can you be a little specific about what to order or how to order from either of these two? I can hardly wait. Thanks so much!

        1. re: roberta

          Dreamland's a snap - the only thing they sell are ribs. They'll send along a jar of tart orange barbecue sauce and a loaf of sliced Sunbeam white bread. Highly recommend!

          Corky's has a slick, commercial tone that can be off-putting, but the mail-order ribs are pretty good. They have lots of other options, of varying quality. At least, get the ribs.

          Someone else here mentioned that McLard's in Hot Springs, Arkansas might sell by mail. If so, give them a call. Mclard's is my all time favorite Q.

          It's never the same as getting it at the source, but it's still better than no Q at all.

          1. re: Bilmo

            Thanks, Bilmo. Actually, I read it as "McClouds". No wonder I couldn't access it. I'll try again and I appreciate your in-put. So far, my friends seemed to feel that Sticky Fingers looked pretty good. WE haven't decided quite yet, so let me go look at McC's. I do appreciate your recommendations and the time it took to enter them. Ciao

        2. re: Bilmo

          Order from Elgin Market in Texas. Their sausages are absolutely un-be-liev-able.

          Be prepared for little geysers of fat that jet up 8 or 9 inches once these babies get on the grill.


          1. re: Bilmo

            I have had amazing pulled pork at Corky's--how does it stand up in the mail?

            1. re: Bilmo

              For what it's worth, I just ordered a dinner package from Corky's as a Christmas present. Their website is a mess, so I ended up calling their toll-free number and ordering over the phone. The staff was very, very nice and pretty helpful as well in terms of helping me arrange shipping to ensure delivery as close to Christmas as possible. I was also pleased that shipping and handling is included in the listed price of the packages. I'm just very gratified to get courtious, friendly service on the phone - a really pleasant surprise. Now, we'll just have to see if the product quality is as good as the staff.

            2. Roberta,
              I responded to your post on the South board -- I know it's a little late.

              What said is that I would recommend Armstrong's in Helena, Arkansas for the real thing -- pork shoulder and ribs.

              Corky's can actually be found in the frozen food section of many supermarkets throughout the country -- It does not quite measure up to what you get in the restaurant. When you order it from them, they send you the frozen stuff in the same supermarket packaging.

              Armstrong's will send it to you wrapped up in today's newspaper -- it is most definitely not frozen & arrives in very good shape. Just heat it up in the oven ...
              the number is (870) 338-7746.

              1. Ironworks in Austin,TX will fedex fabulous ribs, brisket or anything else you want and the prices are low, low, low. They are low tech so phone them at 512-478-4855