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Nov 22, 2000 08:46 AM

How to Eat A Chad

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So--what IS the best way to eat a chad? My sister and I had differing opinions on this important matter.

I suggested gently scooping it off the ballot and sieving it thru your teeth to get the best flavor--and to ensure that it cannot be recounted.

Alice prefers her's covered in a thick brown sauce--so you have no idea what the thing said in the first place.

In both instances, this is definitely finger food and can be enjoyed in large group gatherings of either political leaning.

Any other recipe ideas?

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  1. The ideal thing is to wait for spring, when the pregnant chad are running.

    Then you get chad roe.

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    1. re: Steven Stern

      A masterly response. The definitive response. All chad discussion should end.