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Nov 19, 2000 10:53 PM

saving raw-milk cheese

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There's a short and interesting article in December's Atlantic Monthly by Korby Cummer about Vermont craftsman cheese and the fight against mandatory pasteurization laws. Link below.


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    Peter B. Wolf

    Just got my copy of "AM". Please everyone read, if possible. It does not only deal with the American Craftsman or Cottage Industry Cheeses of the United States, but also whether the USDA will eventually impose new import restrictions on all RAW MILK CHEESES pertaining to there minimum age time. This new restriction, and I am afraid it will be coming, will deprive any one in the States to eat ever again some very common imported cheeses such as Reggio Parmigiano, Roquefort, Pecorino, just to name a few. I suggest Chowhound editorial staff post a message, urging ALL people to join and link to a site called Oldways Preservation and Exchange Trust ( ) On that site is a supporting questionaire clickable to gather votes as to support their efforts to ban such USDA lawmaking. Peter

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      Lucy Saunders

      The movement to save raw milk cheeses is urgent. For background, read the following article I wrote about this issue in 1998, and the American Cheese Society, for more information about the cheesemakers' political lobbying effort in concert with Oldways.