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Nov 19, 2000 09:43 PM

Avocado bounty follow-up

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Thanks to all for the av recipes and suggestions. We embraced whole heartedly the naked av on crusty bread w/ salt and pep. A total hit with the family (three nights running, average 10 people for each meal, lunch,too!) So we ran through the bounty quite well. Interesting learning, though -- even though the avs got old and looked kinda leprousy, don't discount the inside --it was amazing how scurvy looking they looked after 10 days with perfect insides. Even though they can feel really mushy, be black and start growing stuff, brave it and open it up.. there's always been good stuff inside (if not a full 100%). We had hard green avs by the case and were still eating them almost two weeks later...each fruit is it on its own timetable for ripeness. Bottomline, rule no black or mushy fruit out before opening. A great treat overall.

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  1. That's heartening, since it seems that you can't get a green avocado in the grocery store anymore. Everywhere I go now, the avs are black and mushy. I guess I'll risk one...