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Nov 19, 2000 06:35 PM

Scary News for Chowhounds

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According to an AP story,

Researchers in Boston found that an unusually heavy meal roughly quadruples the ordinary risk of a heart attack during the two hours after eating.

"The risk is especially high - 10 times normal - during the first hour after pushing away from the table. But after three hours, the extra risk is almost gone."

So what is the conclusion? Stop gorging? Or make sure not to exert oneself whatsoever after gorging, so as to minimize the danger of a heart attack?

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  1. Condition your body by having a glass of young red wine at least three days a week.

    1. Researchers found that the increased heart attack risk of eating to excess was about the same as sex and less than vigorous exercise. Pass the stuffing, please.

      In all seriousness, heart attacks are caused by blood vessel blockages, which can be caused by (1) blood clots and (2) placques. To fight blood clots, eat fatty fish (like salmon) and take vitamin E and, if you're in a high risk category, low dose aspirin. To fight placques, which seem to start primarily as a result of cholesterol oxidation, take antioxidant vitamins, eat a diet which moderates your blood cholesterol, and keep your glucose and insulin levels under control. If your system is generally clean, a feast or two isn't going to kill you.


      1. Did the article say how much more at risk we are after reading b.s. articles? Waiter another dessert please!

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          Peter B. Wolf

          Comment to Feldman: Simply Don't push away from the table