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Nov 16, 2000 11:43 PM

Takeout Thanksgiving

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A friend's mother is in NYU hospital (34th and First) and her family, which lives in Queens, is going to bring in food to the hospital cafeteria. They could bring in food from Queens, but they'd prefer to have hotter and fresher food, if possible, in Manhattan (they'll have a car).

Anyone know of any place that might make basic T-Day dinners for takeout on the East Side? Would prefer reasonable priced to fancy/expensive.



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    Frank Language

    Although Kips Bay is something of a culinary wasteland (at least for lower-scale spenders like me) there are a few places I can think of. The first one that comes to mind is Todaro Bros., a spacialty shop that I'm guessing has the basic Thanksgiving Day trimmings. I don't know if they're open on Thanksgiving, but their number is (212)532-0633.The white pages lists tham at 555 2nd avenue, which is around 27th street and 28th street.

    There's another, closer place around 37th and 1st, but I'm blocking on the name. They're also a specialty/take-out place and all I know for sure is a lot of Rusk Institute personnel and patients go there for their to get their morning coffee and rolls. However, they may be serving Thanksgiving dinner, since there are a lot of people in the hospital on that day, and they've been there long enough to know it would give them a sizable Thanksgiving Day business.

    If I go by there or if I magically recall the name (it happens), I'll be sure and post it here. Good luck.

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      Frank Language

      The place I was thinking of is called Karabela's, and it's located at 37th and 1st. I can't vouch for the prepared specialties, tell you the truth, but I'd be surprised if they weren't doing something for Thanksgiving,

      Number is (212) 481-8111.

      The other ideas people have offered sound promising as well; I think most people don't know options like that exist and they end up at Denny's on the turnpike (as did my parents in 1981 when they visited me at St. Vincent's on Thanksgiving Day). With an important resource like this, maybe that'll happen less often now.

    2. Dave, I know nothing about NY but I do know that most places (in Oklahoma anyway) that serve free/donation Thanksgiving dinners to the community also do a large amount of takeout / delivery to people who normally fix the meal but are ill or recovering from something. I've delivered many Thanksgiving meals to people like that and it wouldn't seem odd at all to take a delivery to a hospital cafeteria for a family. The volunteers would probably be very happy to do it, I know I would. And the food is fresh and made by hometown cooks in a commercial kitchen like a school or church cafeteria (and the pies can't be beat).

      So anyway, if you don't find a restaurant that seems right, check with the local religious or charitable groups near the hospital.

      1. I would not recommend Todaro Bros.; I don't know if they're doing a big Thanksgiving thing, but I find their prepared food to be not very good. A similar but better option, would be Garden of Eden, the one on 3d Ave btn. 23d and 24th Sts. I know they're offering a full menu of prepared food for Thanksgiving, and they're open on Thanksgiving day until about 5 p.m. What I don't know is if they are selling hot food, or only meant-to-be-reheated things. Your friends could call and ask.

        There are restaurants nearby that are serving Thanksgiving dinner, and if the circumstances are explained to them, they would probably be happy to oblige with packaging food to go. A reasonably-priced possibility--around $20 a head for the full meal--is Benjamin, on 2d Ave at 33d St. It's not an exceptional restaurant, but their food is solid and tasty, and they'd come through for a traditional dinner. They do do to-go business, so I'm sure they'd have no problem with that. A pricier, more upscale, alternative might be Bellew, on 33d at 3d Ave. I don't know for sure, but I imagine they're doing a Thanksgiving menu. Since both of these places are within five blocks of NYU Med Center, their food would probably transport well.