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Nov 1, 2000 12:46 PM

kimchi online availability

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Does anyone know of a online store from which one can order kimchi? I've spent hours searching online with no luck. I realize there might be questions about shipping a perishable products, but I would have thought that some such service existed.

thanks for any help,

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  1. Can someone answer this question please, I want to know also....

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    1. re: Kimchiman

      There's probably some kimchi near where you are. Where are you?

      Post your query on the the appropriate regional board, and there's a good chance someone will chime in with a local source for you.

      1. re: Steven Stern

        Steven--I think these posters are looking for mail order, so region isn't pertinent.

        Wish I could advise, but my nabe's so awash in kimchi that I've never even considered mail order...


        1. re: Jim leff

          Didn't mean to close off mail order suggestions (or to imply the poster's message didn't belong here). Just noting that there are a lot of Korean markets in this Great Land of Ours, so why wait for delivery if you can track it down yourself? (Or if someone here can help you track it down.)

          1. re: Steven Stern

            Makes sense, Steve...I figured that the foreign accent evident in the post was Korean, and that local networking had therefore not proved successful....but, hey, that's a lot of assumptions!

            We are all, of course, willing to do whatever we can to prevent yet another senseless kimchi deprivation-related death.


            1. re: Steven Stern

              That's fine *IF* you have an Asian market nearby. The only one in my area is a combination Asian/Mexican market...mostly Mexican. It stinks.
              So some of us have no recourse but ordering online.