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Oct 27, 2000 03:35 PM

Recipe Web Sites???

  • j

Does anybody know a good site for recipes? I know about epicurious.

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  1. Joan,

    Go to and Also, the magazines are great!

      1. Don't forget the much maligned TV Food Network's web site. That's Click on the Recipes & Menu search link. They claim to have over 13,000 recipes online. I was thinking of having scallops the other day and was looking for a new way to fix them. So I entered scallops as a search argument and it came back with 121 different ideas. Just try to ignore the banner hyping Bobby Flay's new sauces. The man has no shame.

        1. Everyone loves to hate Martha. But I love alot of the recipes she posts online on they are hidden in the daily television section.
          The recipes are eclectic and you guessed it often time consuming and include ingedients that are expensive and hard to find. She even gets famous chefs to share their "secrets" ahem.
          I don't even venture into the complex of commerce that is the rest of the site.

          1. Or try a really large recipe archive: SOAR (Searchable Online Archive of Recipes), which has over 70,000 recipes posted by readers. soar/

            Deb H.