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Oct 27, 2000 02:40 PM

Need Good Source for French Dessert Wine

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I recently had the pleasure of sampling an incredible dark, ruby red dessert wine, accompanying a chocolate completely blew me away! The French dessert wine was : Mas Amiel Vintage, Maury 1998. Frantic phone calls to reputable, local wine suppliers (Pop's and Young's) on Long Island have proven unsuccessful. Does anyone know where I can buy a few bottles of the nectar from the gods?

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  1. It looks like Astor Wine & Spirits in NYC has it. Astor's website is

    As a tip for the future, try using when looking for a place that sells wine. It's an amazingly comprehensive database of wine stores around the world.

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      Thanks Melanie and Jeff, I was able to order Mas Amiel from Astor Wines & Spirits....mmmmmmmmmmm good!

    2. I see from the website that Pop's is now sold out - did you ask whether they can reorder? Or find out who the NY distributor is from Pop's and track down other retailers that way.

      Maury is not an easy sell in the US. One of my friends imported a few vintages of Mas Amiel in the 70s and he says he still sees the bottles on the racks at some retailers. He said he'd pick up one (about $3) for me the next time he sees one.

      Mas Amiel is the best of the Maury producers and 1998 is a great vintage. Don't be tempted to buy others without tasting first, as most are dreck. These are one of the few dessert wines that really do go with chocolate. I had a glass of Maury in Paris with a ginger/bittersweet chocolate dessert that was the perfect match.

      If you can't find Mas Amiel, I'd suggest a similar and more highly regarded Vin Doux Natural called Banyuls from the same region. The best producer is Dr. Parce's Mas Blanc and several different cuvees are made. These wines, like Mas Amiel, can be enjoyed now or laid down for 30 years.