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Oct 27, 2000 01:48 PM

iDine Program -- Successor to Transmedia

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Has anyone else joined the new iDine Prime dining program? I am not sure how it works, but there is no need for a separate card; you link your existing credit cards to their program database. When you use a card at a participating restaurant, a credit of 20% off your total bill (including tax and tip) appears on your credit card statement.

The list of restaurants in the DC area is impressive--Galileo, DC Coast, TenPenh, Osteria Goldoni, Mama Ayesha's, for example. To my surprise, the Bistrot du Coin was not listed as a member, but after I ate there, a 20% credit showed up on my last credit card statement.

They do have a web site....

I would be interested in how quality restaurant in other cities are represented...a quick survey of New York showed Patroon, Bar Odeon, Spartina, and Cinque Terre.

It does cost $50 a year to join, but I have recouped more than that in a month.

Jim Zurer
Washington DC


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  1. So far I am more than pleased with how the new program works. Having to carry one less card (one that often wrought havoc among the restaurant staff at that) is a big plus, as is the fact that the discount applies to the entire check, including all beverages and tip.

    Also, I can confirm that the discount applies even if you have used an Entertainment card or coupon. So, you can have a really really cheap meal at a restaurant in both programs...and there are some good ones in both for sure.