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Poultry Stock with No MSG

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A friend of mine is interested in obtaining any poultry stock/paste/cubes that contain no MSG or any related ingredients (deadly allergy). Evidently, this is surprisingly hard to find. The more natural the product, the better. Thanks.

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  1. Have you tried a natural food store chain? Also, its not that hard to make yourself. Take a chicken, some carrots, onions, celery, herbs, salt and pepper, put in a big pot and cover with water. Simmer for an hour or two, take out all the ingredients, strain broth, put liquid back in the pot and reduce. Then freeze in ice cube trays or in baggies. Much better than store bought and no MSG.

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      Better yet, boil the root veggies first, then add the hen (or chicken, which is a compromise). By doing so no scum will float atop and the bird cooks at its best. Very important procedure and more effective than boiling all together. The more roots the better (try with kohlrabi, turnips, parsnips, dillweed, celery root. . .and of course an onion and carrot to sweeten it just so)

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        Interesting! I will have to try your suggestion.

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      Jessica Shatan

      I always buy Herb-Ox brand boullion cubes because they do not contain MSG and are pretty easy to find in any good supermarket. Just your standard boullion cubes in veg, chix or beef but NO MSG.
      Good luck!

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        jeanne rodebaugh

        Do you make vegetable stock with no msg I use herb ox because the chicken and beef have no msg I need one that is vegetable. I am allergic to msg and almost died from it being in my food so I need to use herb ox as they do not use msg. Please help me find this. Jeanne

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        Alexandra Eisler

        Rapunzel makes a lovely organic vegan boullion and it looks like you can order directly from them.

        Here's a link...


        (sorry, I wasn't able to paste the link into the link box!)

        1. I also like Herb Ox cubes. It comes in a little plastic jar with a green label for chicken, red label for beef.

          1. Cooks Illustrated, I think, rated the Pacific cardboard boxed chicken stock as being very good. You could get it at Trader Joes. Don't believe it has MSG in it.

            I used to be prejudiced against MSG, hated the over-salty Herbox and Knorr boullion cubes, but I've come to really like, and not find offensive, the Lee Kum Kee powdered chicken stock which does have it in it. My wife, who's allergic to MSG, somehow has never found that this particular brand of powdered stock bothers her. She tried it once by accident, didn't have any reaction, and then OKed its use. They have a website at


            But the best is homemade chicken stock. Look at Michel Gerard, Cuisine Minceur, for a very clear way and an excellent description of how to make a great stock that is entirely natural. He teaches you why you need to use specific ingredients and techniques. His stuff has always turned out to be low calorie and natural.

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              I have a box of Pacific chicken stock and there is no MSG in it -- the only slightly odd thing in it is "natural flavours".

            2. I've seen "Organic" (or was it "Natural?") chicken broth in a box a Trader Joe's. I can't swear as to the ingredients, but the labeling leads one to think it might be MSG free.

              1. I like Swanson's Organic Chicken Broth. It comes in a 32 oz carton. No MSG. No too salty. Available in most supermarkets.
                It tastes quite good for a packaged broth.

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                  Ingredients: Organic Chicken Broth variety: Organic Chicken Broth (water, organic free range chicken), contains less than 2 percent of the following; sea salt, organic chicken flavor (natural flavor*, sea salt, xanthan gum), chicken fat*, cooked organic vegetables (carrot*, onion*, celery*), vegetable flavor (spinach puree, carrot puree, celery puree, salt, onion puree, citric acid), organic yeast extract (organic yeast extract, salt, wheat*), onion powder*, sugar*, cane juice*, molasses*, yeast extract*, canola oil*, flavoring*, carrot powder*, potato flour*, spice extract*, turmeric* and black pepper* *Certified Organic

                  'Yeast extract' is just a less scary sounding name for MSG. It's the same stuff. Swanson's Organic Chicken Broth contains MSG.

                2. All I can say is thank God I have no problem (real or imagined) with MSG:

                  "We found these a while back at Trader Joe's in Chicago:

                  Imagine ORGANIC Free Range Chicken Broth
                  Ingredients include 'natural flavor' -- and Imagine doesn't tell what is in the 'natural flavor' and/or provide an analysis of the amount of processed free glutamic acid in their product.

                  Kitchen Basics Natural Chicken Stock
                  Ingredients include 'chicken stock,' 'natural flavor,' and 'vegetable stocks' -- and Kitchen Basics doesn't tell what is in the 'chicken stock,' 'natural flavor,' and 'vegetable stock,' and/or provide an analysis of the amount of processed free glutamic acid in their product."

                  "In fact, as the word 'natural' is defined by the FDA, the food ingredient 'monosodium glutamate' is 'natural.'"


                  1. considering that glutamates are inherent in tomatoes, mushrooms, soybeans, seawood, all meats, parmesan cheese...of course they are "natural"

                    1. Try Better than Bouillion ORGANIC. It comes in a jar, its a paste and I swear by it.

                      1. um, "Better than Boullion" contains MSG.

                        1. Evidently I posted this question almost exactly six years ago. I have no memory of doing so and can't imagine what friend I was asking help for. But thanks all!

                          1. Better than Bullion base/pastes are wonderful and no MSG.