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Oct 20, 2000 06:29 PM

bug snacks

  • j

Found on the Drudge Report today, a link to an article about a bug snack craze in land.


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  1. f
    Frank Language

    Speaking of bug snacks, has anybody read any Mary Roach lately?



    1. Just returned from Oaxaca where women sell fried grasshoppers with salt and lime in the markets. They come in small medium and large (the bugs, not the order). I tried them because I was there. Don't think I'd be as eager here. They were crunchy and salty, and really not all that great (not to mention a bit disconcerting) I didn't finish them, because they weren't that great, they are bugs, and there are so many delicious things to eat in Oaxaca. I'm glad I tried them though. Wonder what those dot commers are paying to have those things shipped to them? I'd be suprised if I paid 3 cents for the ones I ate.