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Oct 13, 2000 03:01 PM

Sticky Granite

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For umteen years I've rolled out pie doughs on a pastry cloth stretched over a piece of marble. Nothing sticks. But after watching the likes of Jacques Torres and Nick Malgieri dealing so easily with stone counters on TV, when I remodeled my kitchen I put in a granite pastry counter. Now everything sticks. Do these things need some type of seasoning? And how do you get the bench flour to form a dust layer rather than clumping? The only way I am able to keep things from sticking is to put a lot of flour on the granite, and renew it several times during rolling. Then I end up with the bottom of the dough coated with flour - not desireable. Right now I'm working with the rolling pin in one hand and the bench scraper in the other. There must be some trick I'm missing here. "Help," all you pastry mavens out there.

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  1. How polished is the countertop? I've only used a pastry cloth, but it sounds like maybe you have a problem with the finish of the granite, especially if the flour is clumping. I got as a gift once a fake marble slab from Williams Sonoma that never worked for pastry because the finish was too rough-they soon stopped selling them. Maybe a kitchen design place could offer some advice

    1. Heat is the enemy. I usually put a cookie sheet filled with ice cubes over the area I am going to work on. About 20 minutes should do the trick.


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