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Oct 11, 2000 05:05 AM

What do you do with dried fresh mozerella?

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Reading briefly about cheese on the CA boards and stumbled across dried fresh mozerella. I'm thinking it would be used as Parmesan or Romano would - but my guess is that it would be so much lighter and less sharp. Any ideas?

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  1. I don't know either, but I wonder if it really refers to fresh mozzarella curds, which can be used to make fresh cheese at home.

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      I'm afraid I can only answer as to what I do with dried fresh mozzerella, which may be not coincide with its usual use: Eat about a pound of it on the way to the airport whenever I'm in the NYC area and can get up to Arthur Avenue.

      It looks not unlike an air-dried provolone, but as you approach the center of the cheese, it gets moister. The texture toward the outside is also like dryish provolone.

      I'd love to find out what those in the know use it for. It may just be to preserve it... Thin-sliced, it would be great on a sandwich, but I've never had one which lasted long enough to test that theory.