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Oct 5, 2000 01:27 PM

Sweet Lime

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Out of curiosity, I bought some sweet limes, and after trying them I'm even more curious. They look like a lime inside, but have thin yellowish skin. The smell and taste is unusual - almost floral and non-acidic.

I've done a bit of poking around but can't figure out what these are, botanically, or how they are used. (I used them like regular limes, and that was a big old mistake.) Anyway, my mystery fruit radar has been engaged. Can anyone enlighten me?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. j
    Jessica Shatan

    Do you know where they're from? I have head that Mexican limes are sweeter than our Persian limes and that's why when you make a margarita here you have to add a little sugar, or simple syrup, or Rose's Lime Juice (which is sweetened).
    Think they'd be good in a marg?
    Where'd ya get them? How much were they?

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    1. re: Jessica Shatan

      I'm not sure where they're from - the sign just said "sweet limes." I bought them in Berkeley for the usual citrus type price.

      They're not Meyer lemons, which I know and love. These are even sweeter and less acid (and green inside). Key limes? Mexican limes? I wonder. For some reason I thought key limes were tiny, but I could be mistaken.

      Jessica, they'd be very odd in a margarita, though it might be interesting if regular lime juice was used as well. The best I can come to describing the taste is orange flower water, but more "limey" than that.

      Thanks for the occurs to me that I *could* ask the produce manager at the store, but this is more fun...

      1. re: Arden

        I've tried sweet lime in a gin gimlet (my favorite drink) and the results were pretty grim.

    2. They could be Meyer lemons. Where did you get them and did the sign say "sweet limes" or did you name them yourself? Do some research on Meyer lemons and you'll find out if they are what you have. Another possibility would be key limes although I think you would probably know if thats what they are.

      1. I found your info on google. The URL is below:


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        1. re: Stefany B.

          Thanks Stefany! I tried Google a couple of weeks ago but must have missed that one. Anyway, that looks like it's probably the same thing. Now I can search more based on the Hindi and other alternate names.


          1. re: Arden
            Steven Stern

            And here's a page with more technical info on what looks like the same thing (different Hindi name, though...hmm).