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Sep 26, 2000 05:26 PM

restaurants and charity -- does it matter?

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In a thread on the Manhattan board, a poster wrote that she was pleased to discover that a neighborhood restaurant she liked donated 10% to charity. Jim responded that he wasn't impressed by this marketing plot.

I'm siding with the orginal poster. I plan to check out The Place she wrote about. (Its name really is The Place.) I wouldn't check it out if she didn't rave about the food, but the 10% percent to children's charities made me definitely want to try it.

I guess it's a marketing ploy that speaks to me. It doesn't matter if it's a percent of proceeds to charity or donations to/working with a food bank, it gives me a good feeling about where I'm eating. (Hey, it doing my online shopping through and

What do other chowhounds think about this? Does it make a difference when you're deciding where to go? Do you have any favorites that do this?


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  1. i think it's great--- at least it doesn't make me wrinkle my nose at the place.

    Here in Tampa, a woman ran a restaurant for several years called the St. Francis Cafe. She gave most all of her profits to charity. What's more, she did not have prices on her menu. You paid what you thought the meal was worth--- really. The cafe was featured on several national TV shows (like Good Morning America), but quietly left the scene a year or two ago. I think redevelopment in Ybor City squeezed her out.

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      steve drucker

      I guess I'm the opposite. If I detested a place's politics (like that bbq joint written about elsewhere here, or the local Pakistani place here in Norcross GA where I'm blatantly made to feel unwelcome because I'm not South Asian), I won't go. Although I have to admit forbidden fruit promises to be that much sweeter.

      But I would never go to a place because I esteemed their politcs or social policy. Never. Its the food, you see...