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Sep 25, 2000 03:16 PM

"Squeeze" Horseradish and other musings

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Why did they invent this? Is squeezing horseradish from a bottle aesthetically superior to spooning it out of those little glass jars? Is it truly convenient--do people use horseradish like ketchup or mustard? (Squeeze ketchup and mustard are a pain, too, IMHO--you still need a spoon or extra time to get out the bottom 50%).

For those of us who use Gold's 2x/year and watch it slowly turn brown in the fridge, it seems there's now more (10oz!) to oxidize.

Gold's Squeeze Horseradish just joined my "what's the world coming to" list along with Lunchables, Yo-crunch and cottage cheese with strawberry-sundae topping. And peanut butter pre-mixed with Nestles bars might be great at 1 am but I'm too much of a curmudgeon to buy it (I can crumble my own chocolate bars into a jar and for less, thanks!). But hey, maybe if I was in product development I'd love coming up with this stuff.

Please let me know if other similar rants are on a previous thread. And maybe I should just get out the grater, get back to the land, and make my own horseradish this year.

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  1. I'll add to your list of "what's the world coming to?" musings those new cereal & milk combos. It's stupid anyway (I mean, c'mon-- how much time does it save?), but worse I would think that refrigerating the whole thing would take up a lot of space AND make the cereal less crunchy. Yuck.

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      Never saw em, Beth--sure sounds like a tasty cafeteria item, though!