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Sep 20, 2000 12:29 PM

final meals

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The ultimate question for any hound is what we would eat for our last meal. You're not in prison, you did nothing wrong, but you know it will be your last occasion for dining. what would it be? The only limitation is that you have to conceivably be able to fit it all in one sitting. Think about it, it's your last chance to sample such earthly delights!

Below is a link to see what Texas death row inmates chose when faced with this grave question. There's plenty of meals there. The Texas dept of criminal justice is efficient at killing--- over 230 in 18 years. Thanks George Dub-ya!
(wasn't able to get it to pass in the URL space--- like it said to me: "sorry"!
As one might expect, their choices are not the most subtle or classy eats--- but just think of the kitchen that will be making it for them! Much of the request are quite regional: lots of enchiladas, tacos, and raw jalapenos.

as for me, i'd have a tough time choosing between a southern breakfast and a southern BBQ dinner. If forced into just one, it would read as follows:

bowl of gumbo, spicy with andouille and shrimp.
french onion soup made with beer.
(small) ham and cheese omelette with onion and green pepper.
biscuits and gravy, light on the sausage.
Pan fried chicken leg quarter.
1/2 slab smoked pork spare-ribs.
black eyed peas with ham, green beans with ham hocks.
shrimp creole.
spoon bread with crawfish.
sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, pecan cheesecake.
lemonade, iced tea, mint julep(s), beer, cigar, weed, rum.

After a 3-hour feast, I die a happy man.

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  1. All I would add would be a half dozen lobster tails, a dozen blue crabs and a vat of butter!

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    1. re: kim
      Jason "Kill me now" Perlow


      1 Dozen King Crab Legs or 24 extra large stone crab claws from Joe's Stone Crab in Miami Beach

      1 bowl of clarified butter

      1lb Chateubriand, medium rare with mushroom wine sauce and fried onions

      1 bowl of creamed spinach from Smith and Wollensky

      1 order of pub fries/hash browns from Smith and Wollensky

      1 300 year old bottle of Cognac

      1 gallon of Lapperts Kauai Pie ice cream

      1 bag of hashish or thai stick

      1. re: Jason "Kill me now" Perlow

        Jason, About the last "item". Is this so you can start all over again?

        1. re: steve
          Jason "Munchies" Perlow

          No.. so I can finish all that stuff!

    2. All manner of cholesterol followed by fugu (including the poisonous parts).

      Oh, and a sliver of buttercrunch slipped on my tongue like a communion wafer just as my heart stops.

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      1. re: Jim Leff

        For me, that final sliver would have to be chocolate. Bittersweet, of course.

      2. I would start with a kilo of fois gras, with the bare minimum on the side of toast, sliced pear, some exotic jelly, etc. If that didn't do me in completely, I would follow up with a bit of the Frog Commissary's Veal Scalloppini in Lille cream sauce with fresh violets (I guess I'll have to die in the spring), and end with a large pile of extra bittersweet chocolate and fresh berries (with a few Belgian pralines thrown in for contrast).

        1. To put a little twist on the question, if you
          knew you'd be starting a life prison sentence
          tomorrow and could eat out one last time
          this evening, where would you choose to eat
          and what would you order?

          1. j
            Jessica Shatan

            This is one of Arthur Schwartz's favorite questions...
            I would have:

            1st a Ketel One martini straight up with olives.

            Fresh pasta (taglietelle?) with parmesan, butter and truffle oil.

            Then a perfectly broiled lamb chop with some cabernet sauvignon. Perhaps some sauteed spinach and mashed potatos on the side.

            A softshell crab in black bean sauce.

            A mesclun salad with roasted beets and red onion and orange wedges, sprinkled with feta

            Pefect baguette, warm with the freshest butter.

            Cappucino and the best ever big, fat, créme brulée.

            Somewhere in there should be some eel sushi and some salmon roe

            Of course, tomorrow I may have a totally diff't idea.