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Sep 19, 2000 05:26 PM

Great experience......

  • k

Wasn't sure which board this belonged on. Feel free to move me, if this is wrong. This story is specific to a restaurant in Richmond VA - Pasta Luna, but general as to great service. We had been to the restaurant before at lunch. Very good Italian food and large servings. This was our first dinner experience. There were five of us and each of us ordered a salad, two of us ordered appetizers, and we ordered 3 different entrees (5 total, 2 were the same). The waitress, very firmly, recommended that we order only 2 salads, appetizers, and 3 entrees. We said that we were big eaters, but she was very insistant (but VERY nice). We took her advice and were very glad we did! We still had too much food, took 1/2 of each appetizer home and half of the entrees! She didn't have to do this - our bill turned out to be $140. If she hadn't suggested we pare down our order, it would have been at least $210. She would have been able to count on a much larger tip, since we always tip 20%. Of course, in appreciation, we tipped 30%! Maybe she counted on that! LOL! Anyway, I wanted to say that we walked away with a really positive feeling from this place!

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