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Sep 18, 2000 07:39 PM

Marzipan/Almond Paste

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I'm making a Very Important Wedding Cake (for two Chowhounds who shall remain nameless) this weekend, and I am going to attempt to cover it in marzipan, in the same fashion one would use rolled fondant.

I made my own marzipan from ground almonds as an experiment - it tasted fantastic, but looked like sand paste. A friend (whom I unfortunately cannot contact right now) who was a professional baker told me that it's nearly impossible to grind the almonds fine enough at home, and I should go to the baking store and get almond paste, which has the recipe for marzipan right on the container.

The problem: the recipe is not on the container. The man at the store told me that they don't carry that kind anymore. How do I make marzipan from almond paste? Anyone?

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  1. This from the Gourmet Cookbook, Vol. I:
    Almond paste-grind 2 c. blanched almonds & pound them into a smooth paste in a mortar. To make a sweetened almond paste, blend in 1/2 c. each of confectioners' sugar and granulated sugar. A few drops of lemon juice or vanilla extract may be added for flavoring.
    Marzipan-beat 2 egg shites til stiff & mix with 1 c. almond paste. Flavor with 1/2 tsp. lemon or vanilla extract & add about 1 c. conf. sugar, or enuf to make mixture stiff enuf to handle. Cover with damp cloth & let stand overnight. Next day, color paste with food colorings & mold (mainly if you want to make candy, I assume)Hope this is of some help.

    1. Kit,

      Do you live in the NYC area? If so,Elks Candy on 85th and Second specilizes in marzipan, and they may answer questions you may have.

      Also there's a cake making supply store on 22nd between Fifth and Sixth that my be of help.

      Wish all wedded bliss


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        The NY Cake & Baking Dist. is where I got the almond paste in the first place, but I'll give Elk's a call. Thanks!

        1. re: Tara

          tara I did a quick search and I think the proportions in this online recipe are pretty similar to what I remember when I made marzipan from canned almond paste - 1 lb confectioners sugar, 1 lb almond paste, 1 egg white, kneaded together. It would also whiten the almond paste.

          A search would get you more ideas. sorry Im not at home so I can't look at my can of almond paste! Good luck and tell us how you do.


          1. re: jen kalb

            ps. I think I also once used a recipe which called for marshmallow fluff to be added to the almond paste in lieu of sugar/eggwhite ... it makes sense...I hasten to say that my marzipan-making has always been for the purpose of making those little candy fruits - not rolling out an icing layer for an elegant cake.

            1. re: jen kalb

              So, you have the can with the recipe!

              Did you buy it in NYC?

              Thanks for the link - I did a search yesterday but didn't come up with anything so good. You understand precisely what I'm looking for - making little decorations is different altogether from rolling out a huge sheet.

              Julia Child makes marzipan decorations with 1lb almond paste, 1lb confectioners suger and 1/3 cup light corn syrup. This recipe gave me nightmares about sticky things - gum in my hair, the bottom of the honey jar, the time I made knishes...