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Sep 17, 2000 07:29 AM

Use Of Wooden Bowls?

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The only time I imagine myself using wooden bowls is for a salad or maybe to display nuts. What are some more creative uses for them?


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  1. Pasta, fruit salad, artichokes, steamed vegetables, potato chips all work great in wooden bowls. In addition, wooden bowls come in all shapes and sizes so you can be creative. For example, I saw a 4" diameter bowl on a site called that would be wonderful as a dipping bowl for condiments, candy, nuts, or sauces (like au jous or soy sauce and wasabi for sushi lovers).

    By the way, only use wooden bowls that are "turned" from one solid piece of wood. And please don't buy those imported laminated bowls because they fall apart over time and are usually made from "rubber wood", a result of environmentally unfriendly slash & burn foresting techiniques.