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Sep 15, 2000 12:00 PM

Chowhound snubbed by SF Chronicle

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I was looking forward to reading the Chronicle food section's 'Food on the Web' edition...but imagine my horror and astonishment when I discovered there was no mention of the best (smartest, most active) food community online.

I'm e-mailing them about their omission; others in the SF Bay Area (or further afield...we seem to have several former Bay Areans around) might want to do the same. The address is


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  1. thanks. writing in does make a difference.

    we also weren't included in the "Netting a Table" article ("a traveler's guide to the best restaurant advice on the web") in Food & Wine this month--though the issue did include, in a different article, a comment from me on a restaurant in boston (well, KIND of from me; the quote was almost entirely manufactured, but it was nice to be included).

    I'm beginning to suspect that there are a lot of writers and editors out there who don't want their readers to know where they get (steal?) their ideas, and consider this site as their own backwater trove. They might not realize that we serve a million pages per month, that the secret's pretty much out, and increasing numbers of their readers are going to start getting indignant.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      FYI, Tom's letter was printed in the Chron on 9/20.


      1. re: Anne

        Thanks--I inadvertently recycled Wednesday's paper before reading the food section, so I missed that.

        1. re: Tom Hilton

          sorry they gave it such an unimaginative title, but thanks again for writing in, and congrats from making it into print, Tom!

    2. I looked at their list of sites and wasn't very impressed. There are also a number of city guides that have a restaurant section, and those aren't even listed. Neither are the food sections of other papers like the SF Examiner, SF Bay Guardian or the SF Weekly. For all that its worth, I don't think I saw Zagats or CuisineNet on there either.

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      1. re: Limster

        Zagat's was there, but there were lots of omissions. Looks like they didn't want to give free advertising to the competition. ;-)

        To be fair, their focuse seemed to be much more on sources for cooking (rather than eating), and they did have some good stuff in that area. Still, I think their list reflects a somewhat archaic model of information gathering--focusing on sites that merely provide information to users, as opposed to sites where users share information with each other.

      2. I found the "Food on the Web" issue to be poorly researched, poorly written, poorly designed and very spotty in its coverage of the many food web sites out there. It was worthless.