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Sep 15, 2000 01:32 AM

Threads We're Ashamed of Composing (but reply to)

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For those who are about to chime in with yet another addition/digression to our gross-out "ashamed threads:


And, on a personal note, I really think we've heard enough cheez wiz and salami sandwich confessions for a while. Can we move on?

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  1. See.. now I know -exactly- how to drive Jim nuts without invoking negative reactions from other people.. come up with all these lowbrow topics that everyone is afread to create, but causes people to create replies en masse...


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    1. re: Jason Perlow

      Jason, there are ways you could drive me nuts without turning the site (which you otherwise seem to enjoy) into a junk food free-for-all.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        Oh come on, I was only doing it in jest. I mean how much Tortilla de Patatas and authentic korean and thai can you eat?

        (arguably, I could eat bangkok style thai every day, but thats a different thread.)

        Actually, I'm a bit of a nut about junk food. I just formed a new web site called which I hope will be sort of a chowhound dedicated to the subject of snack foods, where to get them, what the good ones are, and we'll have reviews and boards up too.

        You're welcome to return the favor and drive me nuts there when we get it all running.

        1. re: Jason Perlow

          "how much Tortilla de Patatas and authentic korean and thai can you eat?"

          a finite amount. but this site doesn't serve food, it hosts food discussion: discussion, for the most part, of food that's the extreme opposite of "junk food". I'm very pleased to give you a chance to publicize your website. Hopefully these discussions can move over there now. Discussion of typewriter crumbs, as well.


          1. re: Jim Leff

            I think you are taking it personally. Sure, its youre web site, and the essence of Chowhoundism is your idea (well, maybe it isnt, but the site is unique and you should get all the credit for popularizing it). But its the participants on this website and on the boards that make it what it is.

            But who are -you- to say that Junk Food... or Snacks in general... that all important peice of americana is not as meritorious a discussion as a huge treatise on Stinky Tofu? Or two weeks of eating experiences about a high profile French restaurant in manhattan?

            And I think you are getting your feathers ruffled at me just because this topic gets under your skin. I -started- the thread, yes. It could have ended at any time. But people seem to want to write about it, and you cant blame me for other people wanting to vent about this kind of stuff.

            Which brings me to mention this again: If you had decent bulletin board software that allowed you to navigate and collapse threads easier, a one week treatise on Junk Food or stuff they are embarred to admit they eat could easily be bypassed by you or anyone else who thinks its beneath them.

            End of Rant.

            1. re: Jason Perlow

              Everything under the sun merits discussion. Just not here. At least not here in smothering, dominating, mind-numbing profusion. And who am I to say it? I am the guy who runs this site. Period.

              Nobody's blaming you (though you yourself took credit). And I do apologize for our software...for the thousandth time.

              Please address provocations and complaints to our Site Talk board.

              1. re: Jim Leff


                Please see new thread "Makin' the Best of a Bad Situation" on Site Talk Board.

              2. re: Jason Perlow

                While I appreciate the once-in-a-while 'low brow' discussion (hey, most of the places I talk about here could be considered 'low brow'), I think it would be unfortunate to allow this site to devolve into an unfocused usenet or chat room type of discussion. Jim's created a great site here where people can discuss their experiences at certain places, seek out and uncover unknown treasures, perhaps create some of their own, etc. It's an opportunity for users to share information that others may find enlightening, or discuss differences of opinion that may give people a new way of looking at things.

                When the goal of a thread or discussion mutates into a compilation of personal tastes that doesn't really enlighten anyone, but rather simply encourages others to do the same, I think that takes away from the goal of this site just a bit. Again, sometimes interesting and helpful information can be had from posts like these, but often that is neither the intent, nor the result.

                I'm sure in some way, I've slightly misinterpreted Jim's goal in creating this site, but I hope the overall point I was trying to make rings true. And I will be the first to admit that I have probably contributed to this phenomenon which I just derided (I didn't mean to criticize anyone, or any particular posts - I'm just speaking in general terms here), and for that, I apologize.

                Hope that came across as gentle and non-confrontational as I intended it to.

                1. re: Mateo

                  You've misinterpreted not a single thing, Mateo. Thank you for expressing this all much, much more eloquently than I did.

                  As we like to say...back to the chow!

                  1. re: Mateo
                    Jessica Shatan

                    Hey, very eloquent, Mateo. This was what I was feeling when I belted out my flaming rant a while ago about Bonomo Taffy. I have been inspired and humbled.
                    Ok, back to the chow :-)

                    1. re: Mateo

                      I don't get it that you say personal taste is inappropriate.

                  2. re: Jim Leff

                    Hey, I liked the typewriter story! There needn't be a long thread about it, but a one-off interesting, offbeat story seemed cool to me.

                  3. re: Jason Perlow
                    Meredith Merridew

                    "I just formed a new web site called which I hope will be sort of a chowhound dedicated to the subject of snack foods, where to get them, what the good ones are, and we'll have reviews and boards up too."

                    What was it Marx said about history farce?

                    1. re: Meredith Merridew

                      I think its a brilliant idea.

                      Heck, I think it would be cool service to write about what brands of potato chips, cookies, pretzels, and whatnot are worth wasting your calories on and which ones are not.

                      Think of the endless review material.

                    2. re: Jason Perlow

                      For the record, since the Spanish Tortilla discussion, I've had it three times, and I think I can keep this up indefinitely. It's also a favorite of my daughter now. One of my Spanish cookbooks has a recipe for sliced potatoes and onions, pictured in a cast iron pan, no less.

                      1. re: Katherine
                        Jason "Mundo Tortilla" Perlow

                        Yeah, its a pretty amazing dish. But definitely have the patience to cool it down and eat it at room temperature. I actually like mine a little on the cold side.

                        re: refrigerator pic. Hey, thats cool, can you scan it an show it to us?


                        1. re: Jason "Mundo Tortilla" Perlow

                          My computer with the scanner is in the process of being moved to another room, but I'll try to get that this weekend.

                          1. re: Katherine

                            Katherine and Jason--

                            you've both have chosen to disclose your email addresses...please use them for chatty conversation. These boards are not a "chat" (in spite of the postings over the past three days); they're for exchanging information that will hopefully be of use to and in the future.

                   case I haven't made this clear...PLEASE either change the thread titles or (preferably!) start a new thread when your conversation drifts.

                            Please address any/all complaints or flames to the Site Talk board. Any nastygram replies posted here will be deleted.

                    3. re: Jim Leff

                      Jim --

                      I think you're missing a golden opportunity here. The sheer QUANTITY of responses to these recent threads indicates that there is a sincere interest among most of your readers for "junk" food. Why not spin off a separate board for "General -- Lowbrow" and slam-dunk Jason like an egg in a Spanish tortilla?

                      Actually, if there are any food experiences I am "ashamed" of, it would have to be that I have eaten in some pretentious French restaurant...I have put long pants on for some silly "dress code"...I have dined at restaurants requiring "reservations"...and I have allowed some bozo to PEPPER my food. You see, for many of us chili dogs, gyros, Spam, and Burger King *ARE* good chow!! I have no childhood memories of such, no nostalgia, no warm fuzzies; I just like the TASTE!!

                      I think your site is great the way it is...discussions of high-brow boîtes which I find way too foofy, and discussions of low-brow dumps which you find way too plebian. I would hate to see the latter disappear.

                      I think Tom Armitage is your best example of the Chowhound spirit...I am always impresed with the ease with which he can switch from "sommeliers" to "gravy fries" without a hiccup.

                      Must be all the CHEEZ WIZ under his keys....

                      1. re: Jim Wong
                        Jason "Just suck on the bottle of Cheez Whiz" Perlow

                        Jim (Wong):

                        See, and if he slam dunks me in the name of fun, I'm all for it.

                        But these grand prognostications of what Big Dog thinks belongs and doesnt belong based on his own personal whims, thats what I have a problem with.

                        Hell I'm not saying we should spend the next 6 weeks talking about the merits of processed cheese. If you check my original thread, it was actually a spin off of -Jim's- thread of endangered and extinct.

                        The people have spoken! power to the people!