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Sep 13, 2000 08:40 PM

4 Year Old Cheddar

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I just tasted some 4 year old Black Diamond cheddar. Lawdy momma! Best New World cheddar I've had! A little crumbly, real depth of flavor. Get it if you can.

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  1. My husband, a big fan of the sharpest cheddar a body can find, came home with some raw milk English cheddar. It smelled like stinky sneakers, and the taste wasn't much different. Even he thought it was a touch tangy!

    1. Yup, Black Diamond is incredible.

      You can get it at Ninth Avenue Cheese in the Grand Central Market -- sometimes.


      1. The cheese department at Fairway has a "Mona Lisa Gouda", aged 5 years. The liner notes said something about it being "fire and whiskey on the tongue". Pretty much the most spectacular cheese I've ever had the pleasure of consuming. Balducci's has a 4 year that's a close rival.