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Sep 13, 2000 04:56 PM

Food you are ashamed to say you like!

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Okay. I admitted I like certain kinds of commercial junk food, like Doritos, and that I like Egg Foo Young and other gloppy americanized chinese food basics (hey, man cannot live on authentic Hong Kong-style dim sum and fancy taiwanese food). I figured this was a good topic to start for people to vent in.

Here's my list:

Junk Foods:

Cheese puffs (yeah, the stuff dusted with cheese powder thats like packing material that makes your hands turn orange)
commercialized Beef jerky, in particular Slim Jims
Processed cheese spreads of all kinds
Cool whip
BacO's (yes, those horrid artificial bacon things)
fried Pork rinds

Mcdonalds, White Castle and Burger King


Americanized gloppy Cantonese stuff (i.e. Egg Foo Young, Moo Goo Gai Pan, Shrimp in lobster sauce)

commercial peanut butters like Peter Pan and Jiffy

I'm sure I forgot a few things, but they are too traumatic to talk about in front of such a refined group of people

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  1. cream cheese and salami sandwich

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    1. re: ron

      my mom used to make cream cheese and salami sandwiches for me all the time as a kid. Also, celery stalks filled with cream cheese. And white rice topped with sour cream. Is this an Ashkenazi thing?

      1. re: rachel hope

        An Ashkenazi thing? Cream cheese and salami?

        Um...I don't THINK so...


        1. re: Jim Leff

          Kosher salami on soft white bread with mayo. Nothing else. Am I blushing? I think so.

          1. re: bryan

            Kosher salami on white with mayo -- definitely! But only when nobody is looking.

        2. re: rachel hope

          No, no , no WAY is cream cheese and salami Ashekenazi!At the risk of a huge generalization I have found that most of the folks I've encountered who combine cream cheese and salami also like the combo of corned beef and ketchup. Or corned beef and mayo and most definitely not of Ashkenazi descent.

          1. re: Heidi

            But it was always Hebrew National salami, and you can't say cream cheese isn't ashkenazi! Really, it's the same theory as cream cheese and lox. Also, I was wondering about the sour cream on rice thing.

            1. re: rachel hope

              Clearly these are foods you would find in a household with eastern-european jewish roots - so it could be natural to combine them - but the hebrew national (beef) salami - creamcheese combo is hardly "orthodox".

              1. re: jen kalb

                I didn't ask if it was kosher! There've been enough non-Kosher Ashkenazi Jews to develop culinary traditions which defy the dietary laws.

                1. re: Rachel Hope

                  Yes, very true. But salami/cream cheese is not remotely Ashkenazi anyway you look at it. Now, the rice/sour cream combo wouldn't surprise me at all. Sour cream went on just about everything at my grandparent's. And the rice with sour cream would have been likely to have had fresh dill on it as well.

              2. re: rachel hope

                They're referring to the meat with dairy thing.

            2. re: rachel hope

              Oh yeah, my mom called these "celery boats," and she'd line up little slices of those supermarket green olives with pimentos right down the middle. Yum

              1. re: Sharon A

                Has to be Skippy chunky, which is also fabulous on Ritz crackers or on white toast with very crisp bacon

                1. re: Martha Gehan

                  my kids called the celery with PB and raisins lined up on it "ants on a log". An antique kid fave, in the same category as s'mores. The refinement of chunky vs. creamy doesn't enter in in the ur-recipe.

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    Only way I ever liked celery sticks. Something about the contrast between rich, sticky PB and cool, crisp celery. Not ashamed of it though!

              2. re: rachel hope

                Nope, my mom did the same thing, and she was not Jewish, the original middle class yuppie.

            3. I get horrible cravings for two processed cheese products-- port wine cheese and that cheddar cheese spread that comes in a crock.

              Once for Christmas my husband got me a block of port wine cheese, and it was the best gift!

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              1. re: Beth

                Yeah, I know. I like the one that comes in a tub, you just shmear the stuff over ritz crackers... or better yet, on top of a hamburger or a roast beef sandwich.

                1. re: Jason Perlow

                  Speaking of cheese spreads, I think one of my favorite pre-dinner foods (not really an appetizer or hors d'oevure (sp?)) is half a block of Philly cream cheese covered in jalapeno jelly, and served with Ritz (or Triscuit, or etc.). Oh, yeah. Definitely a favorite. Give it a try.

              2. Vinegar and spicey foods like those big jars of pickled eggs, pickled pigs' feet, and pickled sausage one finds on the bar in taverns. They encourage a great thirst. And then you can quaff it with lots of beer. p

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                1. re: pat hammond

                  Really, Pat? You've eaten those pickled things at the bar? I've never met anyone brave enough to actually try them. In fact, I wasn't so sure if they were really edible, or just props for show. Is there flavor beyond pickled? I'm curious.

                  1. re: Bilmo

                    Yep, it's real food. I've only ever seen the pickled "flavor". The little fat sausages are the best of the three, very vinegary and peppery hot. But there's so much sodium in these snacks, I find I can't get my rings off the next day! I do pickle my own eggs from time to time and once even attempted pigs feet. The eggs are great, the trotters a disaster. pat

                2. i am not at all ashamed to say that i love:

                  hostess chocolate-covered donuts
                  jif peanut butter
                  wendy's hamburgers and fries
                  onion dip -- sour cream with lipton mix
                  anchovies wrapped around capers
                  7-layer dip -- canned black beans, pace salsa, cheddar cheese, sour cream, canned black olives

                  KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN

                  1. Breaded fish squares with tartar sauce and a side of baked macaroni & cheese. Add a carton of chocolate milk and you are suddenly 10 years old eating lunch in the grade school cafeteria on Friday.