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Endangered and Extinct: Taco Flavored Doritos

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Ok this will probably cause me to lose any respect I had on this board... but here goes... Yes, I realize they probably last produced them over 10 years ago, but for the limited time they produced them I -really- liked the flavor of those things. I'm probably the only one who did. I think they replaced them with the cool ranch ones, which I hate with a passion.

Now, those new Doritoes 3D things... I like the jalapeno flavored ones, those suckers are actually pretty spicy. You can only eat a few before your mouth starts to burn, which I think is a good thing considering how fattening they are.

Now.. you could really improve those 3D's by injecting their hollow casings with cheez whiz or something equally processed..

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  1. Jason, taco doritos may still exist "down here". I'll look. I like them too, and think the cool ranch are disgusting. They really tried pushing the "Pizza Hut" flavored ones but I don't know if it lasted.

    Have you tried the Poore Brother's Habanero and their jalapeno chips? not corn chips, but potato. Very very crunchy & hot.


    1. You are not alone.

      Taco-flavored Doritos was my all-time favorite type of Dorito. Every once in a while, it is brought back.

      What I don't understand is that Frito-Lay's potato chips are so depressing, and yet their Dorito line is so clearly superior to the mass market competition (including Frito-Lay's other tortilla chips). Like you, I boycott Cool Ranch, and I hate the texture of the 3D's. So if I'm going to go the orange finger route, it's usually Nacho Doritos for me.

      1. Oh my gosh. I finally found someone who not only has actually heard of them but loves them too. I have looked everywhere for them ,I ate them all the time when I was in jr high. They were my best friend and I favorite snack Those and the Nacho cheese. About 6 years ago I was traveling to Chattanooga Tenn and found some at the grocery store so I bought a few bags, went back a Yr. or so later and they were gone and I have never found them again. I wrote to Frito Lay and they said they still make them but they are sold only in New Mexico and a small part of Texes. If you have any luck in locating them PLEASE E-Mail me and if we have to buy them by the case so be it.

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          A quick Google search turned up the following. I'm sure there are many more mail-order sources out there - I also found a place in Jakarta selling them. FWIW the Frito-Lay website lists Taco as one of the available Doritos flavors.

          Link: http://www.fortwaynegrocery.com/front...

        2. I called Frito Lay yesterday and was told that Taco Doritos are available by themselves in selected US areas, California not being one of them. Here all we get are the combination bags of Taco & Chipotle Ranch. If enough Left Coasters call them and request they be made available out here, it might happen. Vox populi!

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          1. re: cheesecakeking

            I see Taco-flavored Doritos every so often at Target. They've changed the color of the packaging (I recall that they were once bright blue) so you need to read the package, but you should find them somewhere.

          2. Doritos flavours available in Canada: Nacho Cheese, Zesty Cheese, Spicy Nacho, Jalapeño and Cheddar, Baked! Nacho Cheese, Sweet Chili Heat!, Bold BBQ, Chili Cheese Lime, Red Hot Reiner, Cool Ranch, Tandoori Sizzler! and Doritos Collisions Hot Wings/Blue Cheese.

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            1. re: mrbozo

              I soooo want tandoori doritos! And FWIW if you have Meijer in your area, which actually is only probably the Midwest, their generic nacho flavored corn chips, taste a LOT like Taco Doritos.

              1. re: Kari

                I love, remember them as a child. Best flavor they ever made. When I was a young boy there were only two flavors original and Taco. I just had them recently in one of the Fusian varieties and to my surprise they were as good as I remembered them to be.

              2. Taco flavored Doritos are the best. Here in WY, we can only get a combo bag with the dreaded cool ranch. I hate those too! Another favorite is Lays Dill Pickle chips. My kids found a bag of lime fritos which they loved, now I can't find them. Bummer!

                1. We have Taco ones here and I bought a bag, longing also for the nostalgia of eating them growing up. Completely not the same. I didn't think they had much flavor at all and aren't worth the calories. I'll stick with my Bearitos I guess.

                  1. >>injecting their hollow casings with cheez whiz or something equally processed..

                    Jason, awhile ago (I don't 'think' they're still around) someone put out a pretzel nugget with processed (think the dry part of Mac 'n Cheese) dry cheese inside.

                    It was disgusting and oh so good, both at the same time.

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                    1. re: dolores

                      Could you possibly mean Combos? They also had peanut butter filled pretzels. and various other flavors. I believe their slogan was "Combos cheeses your hunger away"

                      1. re: charlesbois

                        Yes, Combos! Are they also history, charlesbois?

                        1. re: dolores

                          Combos are not history, they are alive and well and sitting in a bag in a store near you in 3(?) different tasty varieties.

                          1. re: marmite

                            Yes Combos are still available. The best place to find them is convenience stores, though many supermarkets and mass merchandise stores also carry them. See product locator on their website: http://www.combos.com/

                            There are now 6 varieties of Combos, some made with a cracker shell and some with pretzel. The newest variety is salsa tortilla cracker. The cracker and pretzel varieties come in cheddar, nacho cheese and pizza flavors. Combos are made by Mars Snackfood the same company that makes M&M's and Snickers candies. They stopped making the peanut butter filled pretzels several years ago.

                      2. re: dolores

                        Perhaps it's time to point out that it's always good to check the dates of posts to which one is responding. This thread was started by Jason Perlow nearly eight years ago. Subsequent to that, if my info is correct, he had a falling out with Jim Leff, the founder of Chowhound, and went off to start his own board, eGullet, which many of you certainly know. I doubt he checks here any longer for replies or much else. And to whatever extent Frito-Lay still produces taco flavored Doritos, they probably aren't the same as then anyway, but who can really say?

                        1. re: johnb

                          Absolutely hilarious! Just yesterday I was defending CH from a poster who said it was too serious. BTW - a bag of Bugles and a can of spray cheese? You know where I'm going with that. Little cheesy "bouquets".

                        2. re: dolores

                          Hey, I wrote to Frito Lay and asked about the Taco Flavored doritos, and they told me to look for them in about a month or so, in their 'throwback'packaging!!!! But they will only be here for a limited time.... don't miss them!!

                        3. Try call ing Frito Lay as Taco Doritos are still listed on its website.

                          1. I loved taco flavor doritos why did they have to stop making them, everyone loves them and are mad for the stop of them bein made i wish i could write and ask them to please make them again I miss them. And i also hate cool ranch

                            1. I had to laugh when I saw that an old thread like this is still being commented on. That being said, I'm commenting too! My husband was a huge fan of the taco doritos from the 70's-80's. I'd never had them, since my mother would never buy such a thing. My husband was thrilled when Doritos came out with "Tacos at Midnight" He said they are close, but not the same recipe as the original. But he still likes them. I know it's not brand new, but Doritos is pushing their "Bacon Cheeseburger" flavor now. I'll only admit to the people on this board that they are my secret guilty pleasure.=).
                              Cheese filled Bugles? How gross. I need to go make some, lol.

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                              1. re: ChrissyMc

                                ChrissyMc - You beat me on this post! I bought a bag of the "Late Night - Tacos at Midnight" Doritos when I saw them about a month ago. They tasted just like I remember them from back in the 70's, but that was a looong time ago! I gobbled the bag up. Just like any flavored Doritos, some had more seasonings than others, but all in all they were very satisfying. Next time I went I tried the "Late Night all nighter Cheeseburger" flavor, they didn't have a bacon cheeseburger one though. The first couple chips did have the cheeseburger flavor, but not all of them did. Some just tasted like the cheese doritos, and no burger taste. I did like them, though, but haven't finished the bag as quickly as the Taco ones.

                                The cheese filled bugles is one of those "junk treats" I eat alone! A jar of squirt cheese, think it's called Easy Cheese, and a bag of Bugles while watching a good movie in my pj's! Good times! Can't resist squirting some cheese on my fingertip every once in awhile, and that is why no one else sees me eat that treat! Bugles are also good with creamy peanut butter! Fingers work well also, but don't tell. Maybe a combo of cheese, PB and bugles would be even better! Hmmm?

                              2. Looks to me like you may have GAINED some respect :-) I want my Taco Flavored Doritos (TFDs), and I want them NOW! Yes, I realize that may be the MSG talking ("gimme more of this - gimme more of this"), but I don't care. Besides, I was a faithful consumer of TFDs back in 1969, and I don't think they had MSG in them then. Also, MSG is (finally) being removed from products left and right these days, e.g., Progresso soups. It's getting as bad a rap as hydrogenation. Anyway, I will check out the Targets here in the Denver, Colorado area, but I am totally willing to pay for shipping. Anybody who finds 'em, let me know!

                                1. Frito Lay has been toying with us for 20 years!!

                                  The long and tedious journey for our beloved Taco Doritos!

                                  Please help spread the word to Frito Lay! They must provide the people what they need!


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                                  1. re: berzerk

                                    I too loved Taco Doritos back in the 70s—I think I had them every single day when I got home from school. I last found them at a convenience store (I think it was at a Chevron station) a couple of years ago. The taste was close, but not quite as I remembered. I keep checking HEB and Randall's, but no luck (I live in Austin, TX). I will try Target and CVS, as mentioned above.

                                    1. re: berzerk

                                      thats so true! i had contacted them so many times to bring them back,infact i just sent them another email to bring them back on demand.
                                      that how i came across this sight.it been wile since my tast buds have had that kid like memory i was raised on the taco chip. if any one has any luck finding them or hears of any news on them please let me know,,,,i am cooing crazy for them!

                                    2. THEY'RE BACK!
                                      Today I found a brand new bag of Doritos Taco Flavor just north of San Francisco!
                                      The bag is retro style and looks like the old bags from the 70s.
                                      Good luck everyone!

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                                      1. re: chopsuei3

                                        Are you sure it isn't just old stock from the 1970s?

                                        Besides, what flavor of taco does it taste like?

                                        1. re: chopsuei3

                                          I live in Laramie, WY & found them last night at Wal-Mart. On the back of the bag it says coming soon with new packaging. I hope they keep making them!

                                        2. This is a letter I just sent to Frito Lay concerning the "Limited Edition" Taco flavored Doritos:

                                          The original Taco Flavored Doritos were one of my two favorite snacks growing up in Tennessee. I was very upset when they were messed up by adding sour cream. I was even more upset when they were discontinued.

                                          Imagine how excited I was when, just before Christmas, my local grocery store had what was called the "Limited Edition" Taco Flavored Doritos...in the SAME PACKAGING! I nearly fainted. I had to resist the urge to buy multiple bags because "What if this is just that sour cream crap?" kept replaying in my head. I bought one bag just to test.

                                          Man, am I glad I resisted. I don't know what game you people are playing, but this is even worse than the sour cream incarnation! First of all, the new Doritos chip style SUCKS! You guys changed this sometime after I stopped eating Doritos, so I didn't realize just how awful these things are. They don't have the same consistency as the original chips. But the flavor of the re-lived Taco chips is awful. For starters, I could barely taste anything upon first bite and while it's in my mouth--the flavors are so muted in comparison to the original that it's hard to tell what the flavor should be. It tasted more like the Nacho style chips, honestly. But then, to add insult to injury, once you swallow the darn thing, you get this AFTERTASTE which is somewhat reminiscent of the original chips! I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach after being slammed across the head by a 2x4. Are you guys toying with people here? I think you have finally lost any hope of me ever being a Doritos eater ever again.

                                          If you guys ever want to know what flavor you should be shooting for (perhaps you've forgotten), I would suggest someone in your company go buy a bag of Pico de Gallo Stoneground Tortilla Chips from the Mexi-Snax company. It is often found in health food stores. These chips come very close to the taste of the original Taco Flavored Doritos. Their biggest failing is that they aren't consistent. Taco Flavored Doritos were consistently good, but they didn't taste anything like this crap I just bought that said they were Taco flavored.

                                          Please...GET IT RIGHT OR DON'T DO THIS RESURRECTION AT ALL!!!!


                                          At this point, I am so disgusted with Frito Lay. They got rid of the original BBQ Lays and have created all of these new BBQ flavors which pale in comparison to the original, simple BBQ flavor (which I also wrote to them about), and now they are doing this.

                                          I'm glad Andy Capp's Hot Fries have not changed. I just wish they were easier to get where I live.

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                                          1. re: mdmann

                                            Oh man! I just noticed this thread b/c I saw the retro Taco Doritos at 7-11 this morning! Glad i didn't buy.... that and the Sour Cream and Onion ones used to be my favorite when I was a kid! I used to drink them with this green Hi-C that's not aroudn anymroe either! I thought I was the only one who liked them :) The Tacos at Midnight one is OK, but definitely not the same... I haven't tried the retro one yet.

                                            The other thing that they got rid of that I loved are BBQ Fritos!!!! They replaced them with these nasty Honey BBQ twist things.... so not the same! I was so craving BBQ Fritos the other day and they are no where to be found! :(

                                            1. re: cattdogg

                                              Totally agree with you about the BBQ Fritos. I don't know why they keep getting rid of things that are perfectly fine.

                                              1. re: mdmann

                                                Very simple, they didn't sell.

                                                1. re: poser

                                                  Sorry, poser, but I don't agree with that at all. It is much too simplistic of an answer. Ask yourself, if they didn't sell back then, what on earth would be the point of resurrecting them, putting them in EXACTLY the same style bag, and even calling them "retro?" It wouldn't make any sense whatsoever. Would you not want to make them seem different than the poorly selling original? Granted, I don't own a business, but that certainly wouldn't seem like a sensible business plan to me. I can name a couple of products which were discontinued, and then websites sprang up with LOTS of people complaining about the loss of a favorite product.

                                                  Try again.

                                                  1. re: mdmann

                                                    You're right. You don't own a business. F-L brings out new flavors and resurrects old flavors all the time. They are referred to as 'in and out' flavors which they have no intention of keeping on a permanent basis. They are supplied as long as interest persists. There is only so much space available on super market shelves and interest in a particular product can be very fickle and fleeting. Once a flavor is disco a new one will be introduced. If sales are high enough the newer flavor may make the cut.

                                                    You should contact F-L and tell them how to operate their business.

                                                    1. re: poser

                                                      Oh, I have contacted F-L about this issue. TWICE in fact. And their response is to send some perfunctory letter with coupons for F-L products, which seems particularly galling and ridiculous when the person is complaining about the company getting rid of their favorite product or introducing a flavor which they find objectionable.

                                                      You speak as if you are a F-L employee, and if so, not only are your comments here inappropriate, as you should identify yourself as such, but you are also being an exceedingly bad spokesperson for the company. If you are not, then you have no more knowledge of why this product has been pulled and brought back than anyone else. The real problem here is that the product which was pulled was far superior to what they brought back. If store shelf space is an issue, then make the flavors seasonal. If you don't have the original recipe, don't try to pass something else off as the original. Pulling something then bringing it back a decade or so later as a wholly inferior product but claiming it is the same thing is not exactly engendering brand loyalty with this consumer, and if F-L can't understand this, then I'd just as soon they go away completely.

                                                      I'd suggest you go back to your F-L managers/handlers and let them know that consumers actually care about product stability and honesty in product description.

                                            2. re: mdmann

                                              oh no... I just bought a bad in Marin, CA-- was so excited! It's sitting in my kitchen staring at me.. I will hate it if my last taste ruin smy memory!! This does not sound good.

                                              1. re: rln

                                                Hi rln. I'll be very interested to hear what you think of them. I was very disappointed. Please do post back what your opinion is. If you can find the Pico de Gallo Stoneground Tortilla Chips from the Mexi-Snax company in your area, I'd suggest doing a side-by-side taste test. The Pico chips waver in quality, but when they are on, they are very close to the original Taco Doritos.

                                                1. re: mdmann

                                                  I broke down and opened our bag over the weekend. Sigh. Waste of calories. We ate maybe a quarter of the bag and then I composted the rest. They are different! The chip is different, there seems to be a "coating" on the chip. I also remember much more taco taste and actual covering/powder... of course this is based on memory. But they are definitely not what I remember. These tasted closer to the nacho cheese ones, and the taco flavor ones used to be very distinct from the nacho cheese one.

                                                  Also saw a related article on the whole retro thing. Guess I got caught in it too.

                                            3. Don't know if this is going all everywhere but in Phoenix AZ they are back! I, Like you, I loved the Taco Flavored Dorito chips and the other day my daughter saw them in her local Wal-Mart and grabbed me a bag- I will have her get me several more soon as the package says "Limited Edition." Just wanted to let you know

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                                              1. re: rock7x7

                                                I don't think these things taste anything like the original. I would really recommend getting a bag of the Pico de Gallo Stoneground Tortilla Chips from the Mexi-Snax company.

                                              2. They're all over Houston now.

                                                1. Hello I just bought a bag two days ago. They still make them.

                                                  1. A friend mentioned she got a bag at Sam's Club today.

                                                    1. the "limited edition" retro bag has hit southern florida now also...
                                                      bought a bag last nite...
                                                      taste kinda the same..more like "taco light"
                                                      i remember the old ones at least would make my eyes water and would clear your sinuses some....

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                                                      1. re: srsone

                                                        update..after 2 bags of the retro taco doritos..i would get more if they become regularly available at the store...but they still arent hot enough...
                                                        taste wise they are ok...
                                                        and they need to coat the chips waay more...i remember them being covered in the powder(?!)
                                                        like regular doritos..these seem to be just dusted...

                                                        1. re: srsone

                                                          third bag so far...better on the coating...
                                                          still light on the taste

                                                      2. They're alive and well in Fort Worth, Texas. I don't remember the original and they just don't look very tasty to me. Or anyone else for that matter because the display of them at the store I go to looks untouched, lol!
                                                        The one dorito flavor I loved was black pepper jack (?) I believe. They were out for a few months in early '08.

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                                                        1. re: alliegator

                                                          Too bad you never had the original, alligator. They were very good. This revision is terrible--an insult to the original--and I am personally very happy to hear that they don't appear to be doing well in Fort Worth. They don't appear to be doing very well here on Kauai, either. Frito Lay management needs to have its collective head examined.

                                                          1. re: mdmann

                                                            ive had the original..taste wise they are kinda close..they just need a little more heat... i remember my eyes watering when i would eat the originals....and they need lots more of the coating...

                                                        2. Finally found a bag of "Original Taco" flavor at the HEB here in Austin, TX. Taste like what I recall, although that was a long time ago. ;) Do need more "stuff" coating them though. Sure hope they keep stocking them!

                                                          1. A few days ago, I was in Lucky (Mountain View) and saw Taco Doritos on a chip display rack near the checkout stands. There were the bags labeled Original Taco next to bags with the original design, those with "Taco flavor" on a small sombrero on the front of the bag. Both were the Hunger Grab size, 2 7/8 oz.

                                                            Well, folks, these are not the original recipe, sad to report. I back up my statement with this testimony to my ability to remember tastes. In 1969, I lived in Virginia and frequented a deli that featured a very good chili which came with sliced dill pickles and keep 'em coming. For years, I searched the supermarkets, farmer's markets, and mom & pop stores hoping to find them. Ten years ago or so, I bought a brand of pickle I had not tried. First bite, I yelled "That's it!" about as loud as Charlie Brown did at Lucy in A C.B. Christmas.

                                                            Anyway, back to the chips. These taste more like their Nacho Cheese flavor than anything resembling the fabled Taco flavor of the late 60s/early 70s. They don't have that orange color, almost like the color of the jackets of school crossing guards in elementary school. They aren't liberally coated with the flavoring powder. You couldn't eat the original Taco flavor chips without having your fingers covered with powder that you gleefully licked off. The 2011 version doesn't have that zip in the flavor, not hot spicy but pleasantly spiced.

                                                            I wrote to Frito-Lay and implored them to dig up the original Taco flavor recipe. I wouldn't be surprised if it is no longer to be found in their dusty archives.

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                                                            1. re: cheesecakeking

                                                              My favorite snack 25 years ago was a bag of Taco flavored Doritos and a bottle of Scotch. I was sad when they were discontinued. A few weeks ago, my daughter called me excited that she had spotted them in grocery store. She remembered that I had talked about them with great fondness.

                                                              She bought two bags and I immediately tore into one. First thought: why was I crazy about these things? they were not particularly flavorful and tasted like standard Doritos to me. They are NOT the same. A few days later my wife put us all on a low car diet and without hesitation I threw the other bag out. No loss. Why bring something "back" if you aren't going to reprise it? Thanks for nothing, Frito Lay.

                                                            2. +1 on the reissue not matching the old recipe. Something is missing. Chili powder?

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                                                              1. re: AdamD

                                                                Yeah, possibly. Or just not nearly enough of it. However, I also think the change they made to the chips themselves (which happened back in the late 80s or early 90s?) also affects the flavor. They used to have some substance to them (I recall the Doritos commercials back then made a point of how crunchy they were--causing mini-earthquakes whenever you bit into them). Now, they are really light and somewhat airy. Coupled with the flavor "dusting," it just doesn't work.

                                                              2. I saw 2 college age guys buying the entire stock of the things at Target yesterday. I really hope they were having a party and that wasn't their own personal stockpile!!

                                                                1. Taco Doritos are alive and well in Japan! They are often the only flavor available, more popular than even Nacho Cheese.

                                                                  I never had the original, but I think they taste pretty good.

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                                                                  1. re: Japanecdote

                                                                    I love doritos so much....I should have a sign on my forehead...warning choking hazard....do not feed....

                                                                    I'm not very picky with my chips their all good....the only requirement....not cracked pepper and no peanut oils....

                                                                    @alliegator....I know from high school when the "trans fat" ban went into effect.....I was selling stuff out of my trunk....college....well chips were a big hit....but again trans fat ban....could no longer get them on campus except from my trunk.....6 bucks for a bag of 3 dollar chips...oh I made out like a bandit.

                                                                  2. I bought a bag at the grocery store this weekend just because of this thread.

                                                                    I'm pretty sure that Nacho Cheese was the standard back in my after school munchie daze, (...I mean "days").

                                                                    They're pretty good. At least they went well with my fish stick sammich.

                                                                    1. I just bought a bag of Taco Doritoes at Food Lion on Saturday. The bag caught my eye because it's like what I remember from my childhood. I haven't opened it yet so don't know how they'll taste.

                                                                      1. Just picked up a couple bags for afternoon snacking at work after reading here.

                                                                        I don't really get a specific or distinct flavor from them. Not bad, but if they were truly extinct I wouldn't lose any sleep personally.

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                                                                        1. re: laststandchili

                                                                          they used to have the same taco flavor back in the 70s until the late 80s or early 90s
                                                                          but they were much better then...

                                                                          these new ones are kinda the same...retro packaging and similar flavor...

                                                                          but they arent nearly the same as i/we/us remember and i/we/us are disappointed in them...

                                                                        2. I heard they brought them back again as a trial. Not sure if the taste is the same or not. I hear mixed reviews. What gets me is that when a company discovers the best flavor? Why do they discontinue it? I mean not everything new is good. Many times the old is the best. You don't see McDonalds discontinuing the Big Mac do you? No, because it was a flavor match made in heaven. So were the original taco flavored tortilla chips. There was also another company that made these too, but I can't remember the name. Made in the early 80's.

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                                                                          1. re: HUNGRYMAN8

                                                                            They are at our local store in the same (now) retro bag. Loved them then, hate them now. I'm a Nacho flavor Dorito man.

                                                                            1. re: kengk

                                                                              Excellent!!! I'll have to find some. Love the "Taco" Flavor!