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Apr 3, 2004 08:21 PM

Wonderful "Yucatan stew" at Zuni

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At Zuni Café last night I ordered the Yucatan-style pork stew with "radish salpicon". This was easily the single most satisfying restaurant dish I've eaten in the entire past year! It was also one of the most inventive. It had:

large chunks of browned pork,
slices of tasty sausage,
chick peas,
whole braised green onions,
a dollop on top of finely minced radishes and other ingredients that was kind of like a radish salsa,
all in a light broth with complex flavors that included cinnamon.

In the menu listing, the "Yucatan-style" part was actually in French ("a la yucat..."), and it seemed very much like a French preparation (except for the flavors). I am dying to recreate this dish at home. Have any Chowhounds who have had this stew before or anything like it give me some insight?

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  1. your post might persuade me to go to zuni after years of avoiding it

    that stew sounds very good- I'll call to see if it's on for next week

    1. Sounds a little like pozole to me.

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        ChowFun (derek)

        Yes, if the chickpeas were actually "Hominy", it does sound like pozole.. which is definitely Yucatan.
        I remember the first place I tried pozole, was this wonderfully.."day of the dead" decorated, bizarre little restaurant on Market St. in the Castro (no longer there) called....what else?.."Pozole"!!!..I liked it then, I still do.
        The last place I had pozole was Muy Lindo Yucatan (sp) on Valencia...
        The one at Zuni sounds very tasty...perhaps they do it for lunch? Worth a visit!