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Soul of a Chef - Lola

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  • bryan Sep 5, 2000 02:38 AM
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O.K. So I'm reading Soul of a Chef (excellent) and have been visiting Lola the last few chapters. I'm looking around but an not finding anything on it here or on the Midwest boards. Help please! And thank you.

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  1. I will continue this on the Midwest board.

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      jonathan sibley

      I've only started the chapter on Lola's, but assumed he meant the one in New York.

      So far, it's a great book, though. I felt sorry for Brian.

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        No, it's Lola Bistro and Wine Bar located in the Tremont area of Cleveland. Michael Ruhlman, the author is also from Cleveland.
        Yes, the first section had me a nervous wreck; I could really feel for all of them.