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Sep 4, 2000 02:21 AM


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Malteasers are British malt balls that blow away anything you're likely to find in this country.

Here's a link (below) to get 'em via mail order (lots of other superior, hard-to-find Brit candy as well)


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  1. I've actually seen Malteasers - off and on - in the aisles leading up to the cash registers at the National Azabu market in Hiroo. N.A. is one of the most comprehensive, (and most popular), gaijin supermarkets in Tokyo. Next week, I'll see if they have some for me to pick up. Thanks for the tip!!!

    BTW, they also carry Walker's Shortbread...always.


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    1. re: Andy P.

      they are for sale at Myers of Keswick on Hudson St. in Manhattan. I have often wondered why Maltesers are so much more delicious than Whoppers. I know that the malt part in the middle is definitely not so dry. The slogan used for years in the commercials for them in England, by the way, was "melts in your mouth, not in your hand." I do not know whether this came before the U.S. M&M ad! Also it's not true--Maltesers can actually be pretty melty.

      1. re: tamara

        Maltesers (and a good selection of other British candy) can also be found at the coffeehouse/internet cafe on Ave. A. My friend and I ducked in for a drink the other week, saw the candy case, saw the Maltesers, and promptly fell upon them. A very nice surprise. I'm drawing a blank as to the cross street but it's on the corner, and it's somewhere between 9th & 12th - sorry to be vague.

        1. re: Lauren

          That's on A at 9th Street.

          1. re: MU
            Simon Majumdar

            Maltesers are a wonderful thing and are superb served with good vanilla icecream

            In fact, Marks & Spencers have just started selling their own version with a peanut butter/vanilla ice cream and Malteser action going on.



        2. re: tamara
          Ian Morrison

          Maltesers have never used the slogan "melts in your mouth, not in your hand". They are covered in chocolate, and do melt in your hand. This slogan was originally developed for Treets. The name was changed to Minstrels in the '70's but they were originally called Treets - the chocolates that melt in your mouth, not in your hand! This is true in the UK, but Maltesers, Minstrels and M&M's are all made by Mars. M&M's have also used the same slogan.


          1. re: Ian Morrison

            Treets did not chnage to minstrells, they aren't even the same thing. Treets had several different types of sweets in them, (many of which WOULD have melted in your hand) and minstrells just have the chocolate, coated in a hard shell, which is why it melts in your mouth and not your hand.

            1. re: Jade

              Whoops, it's too early in the morning for me! I am getting treats and revels mixed up!!!!! However, it was still the slogan for minstrells, and neither treats nor revels changed their name to minstrells as both were available at the same time, and are both different things!

              1. re: Jade

                You're still mixed up; I don't remember the slogan
                for Minstrels, but "melts in your mouth, not in
                your hand" was the slogan for Treets (which were
                brown peanut M&Ms)

            2. re: Ian Morrison

              The melt in your mouth slogan was developed for Minstrels, Minstrels were never called Treets,Treets were peanuts covered in chocolate with a crispy shell, where as Minstrels were chocolate discs with a crispy shell. TIT!

            3. re: tamara

              The slogan 'melts in your mouth, not in your hands' was actually for 'Treets', a sugar-coated chocolate button. The slogan for Maltesers was 'the sweet with the less fattening centre'. So now you know!

              1. re: JERRY

                > The slogan 'melts in your mouth, not in your hands'
                > was actually for 'Treets', a sugar-coated chocolate
                > button.

                No, you're thinking of Minstrels. Treets were like
                like brown peanut M&Ms.

                1. re: JERRY

                  i always thought the slogan melts in your mouth not in your hands was for maltesers???

                2. re: tamara

                  The correct spelling appears to be Malteasers, not Maltesers.

                  1. re: Bob W.

                    I saw a big pile of these (pass on getting involved in the spelling dispute) for sale last week in a Kam Man supermarket on Rte 10 in Livingston, NJ (next to home depot and in the same block of stores as Penang). I would suggest looking for them in other chinese supermarkets as well - they tend to sell a lot of horlicks, ribena, and other originally-british treats.

              2. r
                robin edgerton

                One thing that's interesting about these (just about my fave packaged candy?) is that the ones in France are different (and I think better) than the ones from England!

                I had them four years ago and compared--from what I vaguely remember, the french ones were less sweet and more fragrant, fruitier. The difference, of course, was very slight. Maybe it was a batch thing! I'm sure malt grown in different regions has different flavors, why else would beer vary so much?

                also, you can get maltesers at the deli/grocery across the street from Veselka (2nd ave. and 9th st.) in the east village NYC (which has a very nice selection of brit candy--when I'm not getting the maltesers I'm in for the Revels), and at the "Natural and Plus" deli in Hoboken. Just about every fake-British coffee/sandwich chain in NYC has them, too (like Burke & Burke, Guy & Gaillard, etc.), but they're always more expensive there.



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                1. re: robin edgerton

                  I didn't know they were even MADE in France! One of our regulars, Alexandra, is the deputy consul general for British food trade, and she's probably got high level malt ball contacts...maybe she can check this out.

                  Good call on the East Village deli...I wasn't aware of non-niche availability of these things. For those who don't know 'em, Malteasers are to American malt balls what a Bach sonata is to Ricky Martin. Must try.


                  1. re: robin edgerton
                    (pv) @

                    But then again, there's all kinds of Belgian beers, all hugely different. Often from the same malt.
                    Write on, Robin !
                    Best ;-)


                  2. Just spotted them at the 74th St. Fairway this past Monday, the usual size and also for the holiday a special BIG BOX, $6.49 I think. Also spotted Horlicks, large jar, cheap, small Indian deli in Astoria, 30th Ave, between 28th and 29th street. Malt...yum.

                    1. hello!
                      please could you consider making white chocolate malteasers as they would be delicous and bound to be a big hit - the idea is popular with all my friends

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                      1. re: h

                        Fer sure! In fact, that's our NEXT project, once we've replaced our message board software.


                        1. re: h

                          please produce white chocolate malteasers b'coz i think 2 that they will b a gr8 success

                          1. re: stephanie

                            They actually have white malteasers in Australia, I don't think they've acutally been released anywhere else, but I really wish they would because I'm in England for a year and I'm getting severe cravings...

                          2. re: h

                            There are already white chocolate malteasers available. But only in Austrailia, and the far east. I wonder if they will ever be available in the UK?

                          3. m
                            Ms Dickenson

                            Dear Mars and especially malteasers,
                            My family and i love malteasers and sometimes we get out of shaped ones which we call the 'Rejects'.they are really chewy and toffee like in the centre (in amongst the honeycombe!)and we were wondering what you do with them as there are never many in the packet? If you do nothing with them is it possible that you kind Sir/Madam would send them to me via post?

                            thankyou for your gracious time, yours ms Dickenson
                            xxxx o xxxx(12 yrs of age)

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                            1. re: Ms Dickenson

                              I'm afraid Mars can't hear you.

                              But I can. I'm just a regular guy, I don't make the candy. But if you'll email me your address (I'm at I promise to send you any reject-shaped Malteasers I find (not a lot, probably, but I'll do my best).