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Aug 19, 2000 10:02 AM

Wow! Chowhound Makes Front Page of NY Times!

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And in the unlikeliest of articles. Paragraph two, no less. Way to go, Jim!

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/library/arts/0...

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  1. Heh. Jesse's an infrequent poster, but has been around here off-and-on for years. He's a fellow Quisp lover, and we've actually been working together to try to persuade writers to use it as a verb so we can get it in the dictionary (maybe you can help? any others out there using it in published writing please send me a clipping!).

    Two quick corrections: while I thank you for the siting and congrats, please remember that there are two big dogs (Bob(TM) may spend most of his time down in the furnace room or outside in his parka and ear muffs scraping the dead herons out of the storm drains, but he's a full-fledged Big Dog).

    Actually, in addition to techie and biz stuff, Bob(TM) also did/does the site's cool design. And he's more than half responsible for our cool logo. And lots of other stuff. You didn't know about this, Leslie, cuz you're fairly new here, but I'm just mentioning it...

    also, FWIW, this shoulda gone on Site Talk!