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Aug 11, 2000 07:04 PM

Cheese crackers

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I am desperately looking for cheese-filled wafer crackers. I don't know the brand name but I recall the box was brownish with pictures of the said crackers on the front. The wafers themselves were light beige and bright orange processed cheese was sandwiched between them. They were about 1"x 1/2" in size. They used to be sold at Hickory Farms but I haven't seen them there for years. Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.

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  1. Boy do I hate knowing the answer to this one. I hear groans of "Oh no! Processed cheese" coming from an easterly direction. We have 'em here in Chicago and they're called Cheez Waffies. Cheez. Get it? Hideously delicious little waffled disks of badness. The distributor is Wise Owl and they're processed in Ohio. Hope this is of some help to you. I can look up more info on the label if you want to embarass me further. Cheeze. Jeez.

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      Thank you for lowering your standards and helping my cause. You have now given me hope.

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        There must be a subsitute for these! I love them, and they only carry them in our local store in the Summer ! Plus they cost a fortune. Anyone suggest a cheese that would go with maybe Ritz crackers and have a simjilar bite and tang ?

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          Have you tried some of the sharp processed cheese spreads?

          Here's an example

    2. Snyder's makes snack sized round pretzel sandwiches with cheddar cheese or peanut butter filling. 25% more! (than what?). The cheese ones are pretty tasty and usually the only cheddar I eat is Old Quebec.

      1. Wise makes Cheez Waffies.

        1. Wise products are available through their Ebay store at this link:

          Thank you for this posting. I grew up eating these cheese crackers and haven't thought about them for years. Now I have a craving!

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