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Aug 10, 2000 10:41 AM

Gale Greene is stepping down at NY Mag

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This isn't exactly a scoop (I'm gourmet guy, he who found out about Ruth Reichl's departure before ANYone, and told it here first; I guess I'm the bearer of food critic tidings), but the TIMES this morning announced that Gael Greene is not going to review restaurants any longer, but will write longer features about food and restaurants (like the current back-and-forth piece about Alain Ducasse that left a bad taste in most mouths).

Adam Platt (food and travel writer for ELLE and Condé Nast Traveler magazines) will step in and continue the alternating policy with Hal Rubenstein.

Personally, I thought Greene was getting a little loopy. I could seldom follow her palate. It's wildly inconsistent--I would never know what to cook for her. Crab cakes (her alleged obsession that she's gotten tired of, but if the right one came along, etc.) or tuna tartare ("such a cliché, but wonderful if it's done right," etc.).

For what it's worth, she's leaving because she'd tired of eating out eight nights a week (poor thing), and she wants to cook at home and go to her friends' dinner parties and "find a loft."

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  1. They've actually been looking for a replacement for over a year.

    You know, don't you, that Hal hasn't done Underground Gourmet for months...? Or wait...has he been bumped up to the expensive places? I so rarely read the mag...

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Hal does the expensive places now, and has for about three years. His writing can be, oh, récherché, but he knows his food.

      But I know what you mean about NEW YORK--the slippage is palpable, week by week.

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      Adam Stephanides

      I skimmed Greene's piece on ADNY, but didn't read it. Why did it "leave a bad taste in most mouths"?


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      1. re: Adam Stephanides

        I thought it was one of her most honest, straightforward, salty reviews and enjoyed reading it as much as she probably we would, given our propensity to band together against those asking for asktronomical pay and won't give us a reservation.