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Jul 28, 2000 02:21 AM

Web Sites (about food)

  • j

I'm about to do a long-overdue revamp of our links page.

Anything particularly compelling out there? I mean real-deal sites of genuine interest to chowhounds, not the usual suspects or anything super-commercial.

Please don't use this as an excuse to hype your own site! You're permitted (as per our rules page) to include a link to your site as a footer in your postings on these boards, and that's as much hyping as we allow here! In this thread, I just want to know what sites you all honestly make use of as resources.

I'll also post a query to the Not-About-Food board, so please keep replies here constrained to sites more or less about food.


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    1. re: Steve O

      the link's dead....any idea where it went?

      1. re: e.d.

        " has 67,000 recipes"

        Yeah, but including a copyright violation of one of my recipes (as written up by newsday's sylvia carter...who did not approve the reprint, nor did newsday). see link below

        Link: http://SOAR.Berkeley.EDU/recipes/brea...

        1. re: Jim Leff

          Jim, you should try my grandmother's oats..she uses milk only instead of water and stirs constantly for about 2-3 minutes...lets it rest...and adds a pat of butter...oh..yeah..she adds sugar with the oats to begin with.


        1. Our friends the Sterns have finally gotten themselves up and running.


          1. It is commercial, but just like the Berkeley archive, I use this all the time too:


            Michael Yu