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Jul 27, 2000 07:53 AM


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Looking for an accurate, detailed account of the life of Vatel. Web search seems to yield only hits on the lame Depardieu movie. Any suggestions from culinary historians out there?

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  1. Not a culinary historian, just bored at work. Here's what I found:

    At, "La Vie de Vatel" by Maura Jean-Louvet, 237 pages, available for $33.50

    At the New York Public Library, "Les Grands Maitres de la Cuisine Francaise du Moyen Age a Alexandre Dumas" by Vence, Celine & Robert J. Courtine, Paris, Bordas, 1972. #JFF94-2869. The library has a great culinary research guide online.

    A brief, but interesting translation of an account of the death of Vatel by Madame de Savigne, written in 1671. The link is below.

    Bonne chance!


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      Edward de Sa Pereira

      When the Depardieu movie came out two months ago the larger Paris bookstores all had display stands on Vatel. As I recall there were at least two recent paperbacks and one relatively attractive coffee table book. You best bet might be to call the FNAC; they ship overseas.