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Jul 14, 2000 10:03 AM

Why it's called Burmese Water Festival...

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I was also a little perplexed at the Water Gun aspect of the Burmese Water Festival in Queens last Sunday. It was a pretty hot day, but still, not only were kids squirting those super sized guns, so were adults, actually it looked like whole families had come equipped with those mega-squirters. And I saw adults smiling as kids squirted me! But then I read in the program that water is a symbol for washing away bad things from the year before, and I suddenly felt like it was really friendly, and I started smiling too. I was pretty soaked by the time I left.

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  1. In case you're wondering, Ellen's referring to the July 9th entry in "What I Had For Dinner" (which New Yorkers should check out...it contains some very interesting Burmese food info)