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Jul 12, 2000 09:29 AM

NYtimes this a.m.

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Very nice mention of Jim and the Site, Section D, page 7. Hooray!

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    Josh Mittleman

    Section D? That's Sports.

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman

      D1 is a special section. That's what it says. BUT bear in mind I'm in St. Louis with an out of town edition.

      1. re: pat hammond

        here is the url for the article, although you may have to register (free) with NYT to get it to work. I am guessing that the publicity is the cause of the site slowdown I am experiencing this morning?

        And hey good for Steven that he gave Chowhound credit UNLIKE every other writer I have been reading in the NY Press who quite interestingly highlights foods or restaurants or areas AFTER Chowhound extensively discusses them. No proof but I have noticed at least twice that after someone asks specifically about an item/area it suddenly appears as an article somewhere...........hmmm.


        1. re: rebeccahodgson

          Thanks for the link! But now I'm very curious as to what the instances of suspected poaching by NYPress food writers are...

          1. re: Lauren

            Thievery is hideously common, and the NY Times is increasingly lethargic lately (even, it seems, relying on spell-check? Sunday’s printed a reference to a w.c. as a “lady’s room”!!!). Last year they poached my article on Historic NY Hotel Bars from the Retro magazine website. It appeared in the Times just long enough after Retro was online to make me queasy. They used an eerily similar format and rating scale –friends said they had looked at the end of the article to see if they referenced Retro. The Times writer of course updated the theme to include trendy new spots. The newspaper did not respond to my editor's telephone calls. She did contact Brill's Content, who said they were looking into these occurrences, but I don't know if Brill's ever did a story.

          2. re: rebeccahodgson

            rebecca--I'm confused. who is steven? the article was written by David (Corcoran).

            and you talk about "every other writer you have been reading in the NY Press"...this writer was in the NY I think you know...hence my confusion.

            As for "poaching", well, we are a legitimate source of restaurant news. Nothing wrong with reporters us as a source, but it sure would be nice if they'd credit us. And it ain't just NY Press, our stuff pops up all over print and internet reporting.

            But hey...if you want to read it FIRST, come here. Why read refiltered versions?


            1. re: Jim Leff

              Sorry - in my rush to post and get on with my work this morning my mind-addled, I had just read the article and got Steven Stern, who is mentioned in the article confused with David Corcoran! Sorry David Corcoran if you are reading....

              As for NY Press - i meant the general new york press not the publication "NY Press"

              I agree that this site is a legitimate source, but I think sources should be identified in many cases. I haven't thought out what the lines are exactly

              For example, I would say that if you come on Chowhound and ask "what are the best...?" and then do an article about the best whatever you should give Chowhound credit. BUT if you peruse chowhound and find out about a new restaurant you never heard of, go there, eat and then write a review of the place then it's okay not to mention Chowhound - although it would be nice to say you first heard of the place here.

              I might add that Mr. Corcoran was very kind in that he sent me an email thanking me for my answer to his post, as he probably did everyone who had an email and answered him. he also identified himself from the get go which was very nice.

              A recent suspicion I have - this weeks NY Magazine has a bubble tea blurb on p.108 - I have no idea if it had anything to do with us but I have my suspicions. Same with the "What's Your Favorite Smith street restaurant Thread" which I later saw somewhere else - i forget where - maybe also NY MAG and I am sure that after the recent "malted' conversation someone will be doing one on that eventually

              There have been many many highly "coincidental" reports
              I have read and wondered about but I'd have to go back and refresh my memory on the boards to list them - right now the site is moving at about a snails pace from my machine.

              Anyway - my point is just give chowhound credit if we give you more than a restaurant name!

              1. re: rebeccahodgson

                Ok, gotcha! I was wondering what you meant...I actually don't think NY Press (the publication) is any kind of a major culprit (and they've given us good credit at least twice now). But "the press of New York"...that's another thing!

                I suppose a lot of writers want their readers NOT to know about us, so they can keep us as their private gold mine of information. We're working on becoming a lot more high-profile, and when that happens the party's over!

                By the way, I just noticed we're discussing this on the general topics board, which is really for general FOOD topics. This subject belongs on the Site Talk board, where we talk about inside stuff


                1. re: rebeccahodgson

                  Sorry to be obnoxious by throwing yet another correction at you, but just wanted to make clear: that's Jane and Michael Stern mentioned in the article (to whom, by the way, I'm not related any more than I am to Howard or Isaac). As far as I know, I've never written a book.

                  1. re: Steven Stern

                    how scary is it for you to know you've been lodged in my subconscious?

                    1. re: rebeccahodgson

                      A little scary, yes, but oddly flattering, too.

                      1. re: Steven Stern

                        don't let it go into, i mean to, your head...