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Jul 11, 2000 01:30 PM

Restaurants in France, Belgium and Germany

  • j

Last month we were driving through France, Belgium and Germany. We ate in several 3-stars in France, including Buerheisle in Strasbourg, Lameloise in Chagny, Georges Blanc in Vonnas and Gerard Boyer in Rhiems. The best meal in France turned out to be at Alan Chappel in Mionay, which is a 2-star. In Belgium we ate at De Carmelite, a 3-star in Bruges and at Comme Chez Soi in Brussels, which was very disappointing. The best meal of the entire trip, believe it or not, was at Dieter Mueller, who has a beautiful hotel in a little town about 20 minutes outside of Cologne. The hotel is called Schloss Lehrbach. Has anyone out there ever heard of this place?

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