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Jul 10, 2000 03:18 PM

American Appetite - free copy

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I'm new to these boards, and have been thoroughly enjoying the postings. As a thank-you for all the great information, opinions, analysis, etc., I'd like to offer to send a free copy of my latest book, American Appetite, to the first three interested chowhounds to post a reply. FYI, it's a culinary, social, and cultural history of the American food revolution; in the process it takes a critical look at American eating and dining today. It won the 1999 World Cookbook Fair Award for best culinary history in the English language. I'm willing to brave the long lines at my post office to do this because I think it's a book that chowhounds would really enjoy.

If you're interested, please reply with just your email address. I'll contact by email the first three to respond.

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  1. Jessica - Count me in please!! Thank you for the nice offer. The book sounds very interesing - enjoy Chowhound - it is very addictive! Tammy

    1. Sure, I'll bite. :-)

      1. Sounds fascinating-- I'd love a copy. Many thanks.

        1. Leslie:
          Don't need the free copy, as I just finished my own copy yesterday. But I did want to commend you on a very informative and enjoyable book. I can't say that I agree with you on every point, but overall you've presented well researched and pursuasively argued theories.

          1. I'd LOVE a copy.